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Isaiah Whitten

Mrs. Steele
English 1102-079
1 May 2014
English 1102: Final Reflection
!er the co"rse of 1# $ee%s in English 1102 I& as a yo"ng $riter& $as 'resente( $ith )any
(ifferent ne$ ter)s an( aca(e)ic challenges. *hese i(eas an( conce'ts that $ere learne(
thro"gho"t the co"rse hel'e( )e f"rther i)'ro!e as a rea(er an( $riter. +nli%e other classes
that I ha!e ta%en in )y first t$o se)esters of college& English $as (ifferent fro) the others in
the as'ect that I $as in a s)aller classroo) en!iron)ent $ith a ,etter one on one interaction
$ith class)ates an( )y 'rofessor. *his close interaction force( )e to ,e in!ol!e( in the class
"nli%e other classes $here I co"l( si)'ly sho$ "' an( -"st ,len( in $ith others as another
n"),er. .eca"se of this& I $as ,etter a,le to "n(erstan( $hat I $as learning an( $hat $as going
on aro"n( )e. English 1102 intro("ce( )e to ter)s li%e in/"iry& re!ision& colla,oration&
interte0t"ality & an( rhetorical a$areness. 1ll of $hich $ere conce'ts that I "se( in a (aily ,asis
insi(e an( o"tsi(e not only English& ,"t other classes as $ell.
ne of the ,iggest ele)ents that I fo"n( )yself "sing often $as in/"iry. In/"iry $as the
'rocess of one gathering or as%ing for infor)ation. *his $as ,ig in english ,eca"se it $as "se(
in if not all& )ost assign)ents. Fro) ho)e$or%& to in class assign)ents& I constantly fo"n(
)yself rea(ing so)ething an( getting infor)ation fro) it. *his infor)ation $o"l( then ,e
translate( an( re'ro("ce( into )y (ialogic -o"rnal. In the classroo)& )y in/"iry $o"l( contin"e
$hen (oing gro"' (isc"ssions $ith )y class)ates a,o"t a certain s",-ect. *he $or% (one
thro"gh in/"iry is e!i(ent in the in/"iry 'ro-ect (one ,y )y class)ates an( I. In/"iry (i(n2t
al$ays co)e easy& I so)eti)es str"ggle( $ith "n(erstan(ing so)ething an( $o"l( go to others
for hel'. *his is $here colla,oration in the co"rse ca)e into 'lay.
E!ery(ay in class& I notice( that $e all $o"l( colla,orate in so)e sort of $ay.
3onsistently sharing o"r i(eas an( fee(ing off each other. *here $ere 'ros an( cons to
colla,oration of co"rse. E!eryone $as goo( at gi!ing their o'inion or insight on a gi!en to'ic&
,"t in the real $orl(& not e!eryone is going to agree $ith $hat yo"2re saying. *his is $here I sa$
that )y fello$ class)ates $o"l( ,"tt hea(s4 this $asn2t al$ays a ,a( thing ho$e!er. I fo"n( that
$hen $e $o"l( get into arg")ents& it $o"l( s'ar% "' intelligent (e,ates an( contri,"te )ore to
colla,oration. 1lso& ("ring o"r gro"' 're5i 'ro-ect& )y gro"' an( I ha( to co)e "' $ith i(eas
$ith o"r s",-ect. When yo"2re gro"'e( $ith (ifferent 'eo'le& yo"2re force( to ,eco)e )ore
o'en )in(e( $hich is a goo( trait to ha!e. Wor%ing $ith (ifferent 'eo'le creates )ore (i!ersity&
as yo"2re gathering i(eas fro) 'eo'le $ho )ay thin% (ifferently than yo".
*he conce't of colla,oration $as "se( in a si)ilar $ay $hen ha!ing to (eal $ith
interte0t"ality 6interactions $ithin a te0t7. Interte0"ality $as "se( e!ery(ay in the co"rse as $e
$ere al$ays ,"sy $riting an( interacting thro"gh (isc"ssions& (ialogic -o"rnals& an( other
'ro-ects. In the aca(e)ic genre of )y 'ro-ect& I ha( to (efine the te0t I $as rea(ing thro"gh te0t&
a for) of colla,oration an( in/"iry. *his an( rhetorical a$areness relate $ell together& ho$e!er
these are t$o ele)ents that I ha!e a (iffic"lt ti)e $ith& es'ecially in this co"rse. 1 lot of ti)es& I
$asn2t /"ite s"re on $hat e0actly I $as rea(ing an( $hat it )eant an( $hat the a"thor $as trying
to say. I str"ggle( at ti)es ,eca"se $hat I tho"ght so)eone $as trying $asn2t $hat they $ere
act"ally saying& ,eing es'ecially tr"e in the rea(ings nee(e( for (ialogic -o"rnals. I ,elie!e )y
conf"sion $as 'resent $hen I $o"l(n2t say )"ch in class (isc"ssions& ho$e!er )y str"ggles
ena,le( )e to thin% an( t"rne( o"t to hel' )e in the en(& as I fo"n( that I $as ,eco)ing a ,etter
critical thin%er an( rea(er o!er ti)e.
*he last ele)ent in the class is one that I felt $as the )ost cr"cial4 re!ision. Re!ision
$as not only !ital in English& ,"t also in other co"rses as $ell. Si)'ly '"t& yo"2re not going to
al$ays ,e 'erfect& es'ecially on yo"r first try. Mista%es $ill ,e )a(e& ,"t learning fro) the
)ista%es is $hat really )atters. 8")ero"s (rafts of (ifferent 'a'ers an( 'ro-ects $ere
'erfor)e( in class. When ty'ing )y first (raft of )y aca(e)ic 'iece of )y 'ro-ect& I (efinitely
fo"n( )yself ha!ing 'ro,le)s getting starte( an( ty'ing the entire 'a'er in general. With the
co),ining of in/"iry& colla,oration& rhetorical a$areness& an( interte0t"ality& I $as a,le to ta%e
the fee(,ac% an( e0a)'les fro) 'eers an( re!ise )y 'a'er. *his $as not only for )y aca(e)ic
genre 'iece& ,"t also )any other 'a'ers that I ha( $ritten in the class.
*he co),ination of these fi!e ele)ents $as $hat )a(e )y English class $hat it $as this
se)ester. I felt li%e I $as a,le to ta%e these ele)ents an( i)'ro!e )yself as a st"(ent $hile in
the classroo). f co"rse there $ere )y (o$nfalls& ,"t I tr"ly feel li%e the 'ositi!es o"t$eighe(
the negati!es an( 'ro!i(e( )e $ith a goo( se)ester an( great learning e0'erience in English