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News Release
May 8, 2014
Reference: Bayan Muna Rep. Carlos Isagani Zarae, 0!1""1"4014
B#$#N M%N# &' M#(#C#N#N): *IR+ (#Z$ '**ICI#(, IN
$'(#N-# R+.#B +**'R&,
Says it is Palace appointed officials that are lazy not the victims
Bayan Muna Rep. Carlos Isagani Zarate today challenged Malacanang to fire lazy government
officials who are sorely remiss in their o!s for the reha!ilitation of the areas ravaged !y "uper
#yphoon $olanda.
It has !een si% &'( months since $olanda struc) and we are still seeing this continuing criminal
negligence of the *+uino government in attending to the lives of the survivors, as shown !y the
a!sence of a concrete and final reha!ilitation plan. "i% months of !and aid solutions and the ones
suffering for yet another time are the victims of the disaster, said the progressive solon.
-e also reacted strongly on the comment of reha! czar .anfilo /acson0s statement saying those
who e%perience hunger in the $olanda1hit areas are the ones who are lazy.
2awalan )a na nga ng tahanan, )a!uhayan at mga mahal sa !uhay3 halos wala pa rin naming
ginagawa ang go!yerno para ma)a!angon )ayong mga nasalanta, sasa!ihan )a pa na )apag
nagugutom )a ay tamad )a daw, stressed Rep. Zarate.
-indi lang ito na)a)asama ng loo!, na)a)agalit na talaga, lalo na sa mga !i)tima na ginagawa
naman nila ang lahat para ma!uhay at ma)a!angon muli sa )a!ila ng )a)ulangan ng malinaw na
reha!ilitation plans ng go!yerno at sa )a!ila ng mga opisyal natatamad1tamad at !a!agal1!agal sa
)anilang mga gawain, he added.
#he !uc) stops in Malacanang and these officials should !e fired instead, including those who are
using this disaster to ma)e more political profits from the misery of our people, said Rep. Zarate.