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Full-awa !i"ua"i#$
The time of SOSP (Start of Sea Passage) is decided ! the Master"
The #fficer on $%t! m%st then&
 Inform the 'ngine Contro( )oom & time of S#SP and a(so s*eed intended for the *assage
 )ecord in the +ridge ,og +oo- &
- the time and *osition of S#SP
- the distance remaining to ne.t *i(ot station
- the ,og and /PS information
 Ma-e s%re that the thr%ster has indeed een sto**ed
 Sto* one steering motor0 if na1igation conditions are safe (traffic0 2eather03)
 S2itch to 4A%to *i(ot5 if na1igation conditions are safe and chec- the a**ro*riate settings of the
a%tomatic *i(ot ( steering ang(e0 heading error0 magnetic 1ariation com*are g!ro
1ers%s magnetic)
 Ma-e s%re that the gang2a!0 *i(ot (adder0 anchors0 are on sea-going conditions
 Ma-e s%re that 2atertight doors and other o*enings are c(osed (d%ring night time0 s2itch on
the 2atertight doors monitoring if e.isting)
 S2itch on VH6 on channe( 17 and the other one on the a**ro*riate channe( (VTS03)
 S2itch off the manoe%1ring comm%nication faci(ities (in da!time one 8a(-ie-Ta(-ie 2i(( e -e*t
in ser1ice for ca((ing the He(msman if necessar!)
 Ha%( do2n the f(ags (and s*ecia( sha*es if e.isting)
 Increase the s*eed according to Master9s order and the instr%ctions of the Chief 'ngineer"

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