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March I, 1992

Dear Friends in Christ,

As most of you already know our family is now in the
States and will not be returning to Mexico. We are
currently living in our hometown of Carmi, Illinois, and
looking for another ministry in which we can serve the Lord.
The Lord has been faithful to us through all kinds of trials
and changes in our lives so there is no reason to doubt as
He continues to guide us.
Rick is busy with some temporary work and sending out
resume's. Terri is enjoying being a full time homemaker.
Jonathan is pleased to be living near grandparents and has
adjusted well to Middle School. Many have inquired about
Jonathan's kitten, Friday. Yes, she was able to return to
the States with us with the help of proper papers which cost
$20 to obtain from the vet in Saltillo!
Your prayers have been a powerful source of support and
encouragement for our family during this endeavor. We now
ask for prayer once again as we seek the Lord's will. It is
our desire to remain in a full-time ministry and since we do
not know where the Lord is leading us, please pray that we
not run ahead nor lag behind in His guidance.
We have been blessed by all of you through a variety of
opportunities: camp, conventions, VBS, and church services.
We pray that your involvement in missions has been
challenged and that you continue to help in spreading the
Good News.
Before ending our final newsletter we want to give you
our address:
501 Stewart, Apt B
Carmi, IL 62821
May God Bless and Keep You.
With His Love,
Rick, Terri & Jonathan Absher