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Prince Tuyishime
11 February 2014
4th Hour
The Great Controversy
Freedom. It is a concept most Americans know but what immigrants strive to achieve. They
yearn to know what it is like to walk around without worry of being deported back to poverty, crime
and worse. Illegal immigration has always been a controversy in the United States about whether to or
not to grant them citizenships. Most voters assume that they are here to take our jobs without really
considering about the reasons they came about to the U.S in the first place. Illegal immigrants should be
allowed to stay because they help our economy, they have a lot to offer, and most, if not all, immigrants
come here for a better opportunity than what they had in their homeland.
First off, most people without background knowledge on immigrants infer that they come to the
jobs and money that belong to them. These people fail to see that without immigrants doing jobs in our
country, our job society would be in shambles. Most unskilled immigrants support and sustain jobs for
highly skilled american worker.(p.g 10, Does the U.S. Need Illegal Immigrants?). It is kind of like the
legs of a chair, if we broke them, the chair would fall. Also, foreign immigrants are forced to work for
less and live inferior to regular americans. To illustrate, the Gonzales family was forced to live off $1000
a month, and Rigoberto wasnt able to find a stable job to keep his family living comfortably. Even the
mom began to collect bottle just so that the kids could have christmas presents next year.
Second thing is that most immigrants can be or are valuable assets to our great country. They
are americans in their heart, in their mind, in every single way but one: on paper. (p.g. 9, The Great
Immigration Debate). Most immigrants who have been in the U.S. long enough act and feel like
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americans but lack the proper paper to be considered actual americans. Like Armida who had good
grades and was working to contribute to america wasnt accept to her number one college of choice
because she lacks citizenship. They could also be a benefit to the american economy. If I could get my
papers, I would employ people with my special skills.(Rigoberto, 30 Days). There is a lot of
Immigrants out there who could do the same like Rigoberto and help bring their useful skills to the table
and create jobs for others.
The third justification is because everything deserves a chance at the American Dream. For
our earliest ages, no matter what country or place you live, everyone has heard of the american dream.
This dream is to have you chance to succeed in america or be happy and everyone want a piece of the
american pie. We shouldnt look down on these foreigners because of whatever past or place they
come from, we should be trying to help them catch up with us and so that if they succeed, then we
Most advocates of stopping immigration think that all immigrants should go back to their
countries, even the kid who had no idea they were breaking the law. They say that immigrants explote
american and keep them from getting jobs. This is not true because most take the rundown jobs that
american don't want or seek and they usually are paid less than mericans.
This country was found off of immigrants, to not let immigrant be a part of this great nation is
hypocritical.Immigration still continues to be a problem in this country but if we could all see the benifits
they could offer, we would no longer need to worry about that.

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