Hw 1 Question 3

According to chart, US usage projections for 2012 were just over 4 trillion kilwatthours.
Projections for 2040 have those levels rising to around 5.3 trillion kilwatthours.

So for 10% of this value in 2040, .53 trillion kilwatthours would be needed.

For other suitable locations, the best places to source these solar arrays would be in areas where this is
large amounts of un-urbanized land to use. States such as North Dakota/South Dakota in the north and
Arizona/New Mexico in the south would be optimal locations for more large sites.
The site we designated in problem 2 would provide approximately 1 GWh(1*10^9 Watth)
We need .53 * 10^12 Watth.

So .53 *10^12 / 1*10^9 = 530 of these solar plants needed.


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