You have received a basic allowance for part of the year since you moved to Swed

en 2013-07-24. If 90% or more of your earned income (including pension) in 2013
declared in Sweden, you are entitled to a basic allowance for the entire year. Y
ou must request this in the "other information". You can do this if you log in w
ith an e-ID. Otherwise, you must declare on paper forms.
Du har fått grundavdrag för en del av året eftersom du flyttade till Sverige 2013-07-2
4. Om 90 % eller mer av dina arbetsinkomster (inklusive pension) under 2013 dekl
areras i Sverige har du rätt till grundavdrag för hela året. Du måste själv begära detta und
er "övriga upplysningar". Det kan du göra om du loggat in med en e-legitimation. I a
nnat fall måste du deklarera på pappersblankett.
Raj ! You will get 4165 SEK back from what you paid in taxes, but indeed you nee
d to or this. It is called "deklarera"/"deklaration" in Swedish. It is important
that you do it because if you dont they actually charge you 1000 SEK . The 5th
of may it is the last day to do it but in your case it might take longer than us
ual so get to it.
Instrumental in reviewing test cases and scenarios developed by the QA team alon
g with conducting internal audits to achieve / maintain quality standards. Respo
nsible for reviewing and editing requirements, business processes and recommenda
tions related to proposed solutions. Experience in web based developments and in
tegration projects
Exposure/experience on RFID/NFC.

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