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In order to become a successful educator of today's youth, I believe it is very important to

be realistic and open-minded in the classroom in order to best understand my students. There are
students from all backgrounds and cultures that enter the classroom every day prepared in one
way or another to learn. The students deserve the very best from the teacher. Therefore, one of
the most important points that I would like to emphasize as a classroom teacher is that I am not
only there to teach my students the subject areas of athematics, !cience, !ocial !tudies, and
"nglish, but also to help them develop into the great people they can become. It is important that
I provide a safe place not only for my students to learn, but to develop as individuals, as well.
#ith successful implementation of rules and procedures, I would e$pect no less than positive
behavior and respect from my students which will help them build who they want to become as
people. %ccording to &harlotte 'anielson, creating a classroom environment of respect and
rapport is a main component of professional practice in the classroom. The respect and rapport
that develops between the students and the teacher will create a trusting relationship between the
two and will fuel the best learning e$perience for the student.
It is best practice that I differentiate instruction to cater to every student's learning needs
in my classroom. In my classroom, there will not only be one way to complete a math problem or
one way to view the rock cycle( there will be many. !tudents will be given manipulatives, hands-
on e$perience, visuals, as well as technology integration to help increase their comprehension of
material. %s technology continues to play a major role in the life of our youth, it will be
implemented into many of my class lessons. !tudents feel comfortable with technology,
therefore, they may learn best with it. "very subject area has the potential to be incorporated into
lessons that use technology as a base and can be aligned with the )ew *ork !tate &ommon &ore
&urriculum. !tudents will not be assessed constantly with +skill and drill tests+ and timed
multiple choice tests but rather through formative assessments of projects, presentations, in-class
lab activities, graphic organizers, short response answers, and service learning projects, gaining a
thorough understanding of the topic they are studying whether it be in ath, !cience, !ocial
!tudies, or "nglish.
I will maintain professionalism throughout my career in education. aintaining
professional responsibilities is supported by 'anielson's framework, which will promote
improved student learning. I will do my best to create positive relationships not only with my
students, but with their parents, as well. I will make phone calls, send emails, schedule parent-
teacher meetings, and update a website daily in order to keep the parents informed of what is
occurring in my classroom. I will always have the students, best interest in mind and that is most
important for their success. In my classroom, I will have complete confidence in every single
student. "very student will be challenged to reach their full potential academically, behaviorally,
and socially, and in the end they will grow into well-rounded, successful individuals. %s I
continue to teach, my philosophy of teaching will continue to change, develop, and grow based
on my reflection upon my e$periences in the classroom. I will continue to learn with my students
every step of the way.