Great speech – the only thing I think it is missing is a good stat on how widespread

domestic violence is national or in
uch information strengthens arguments for what you are calling for here.
It was a good idea to set it up with the audience trying to imagine what such incidents
are like.
Grade: !"
#randon $ordan
peech %"
&omestic violence
Imagine yelling and arguing with your significant other and then as things start
heating up someone strikes a hand on the other person causing that person to retaliate or
run away. Let this be its own paragraph – it is a strong image and needs to stand
alone – then you pause her and take a breath and let it sink in
'nd then in the corner of your eye you see your child standing in the hallway
crying and confused on how his/her parents are fighting and hitting each other when
he/she was being raised to understand that fighting and hitting others is bad.
&omestic violence is bad.
It shouldn(t be tolerated in a relationship. Short sentences can be very effective
)he ma*ority of domestic violence is men on women violence but it could easily
be the other way around or it could be man on man or woman on woman either way
physically hurting someone or mentally putting them down is never ok especially if it is
your supposed (supposedly+ soul mate.
But the problem with domestic violence is more of a problem when the fighting
happens when there are children home. ,ids are very impressionable and copy what their
parents do whether (even if+ it is right or wrong.
-ittle $ohnny could get in trouble at school for hitting a girl but behind the scenes
he watches his dad hit his mom. It.s unfair for the kids to watch their parents fight. If we
want to help stop domestic violence we have to educate adults that domestic violence is
serious and that it doesn(t *ust affect them but it also affects their children in a big way.
Good call to action! Should it bought in school !arenting classes "ow would
society do it
'nd if we stop e/posing children to this then the cycle can hopefully one day
come to an end.

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