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BACALAR in the History

BACALAR in the History

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Published by: Kevin Sosa on May 09, 2014
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Date (Years) Event
415-435 The Maya founded Bacalar , named Sian Ka'an
Bakhalal .
495 The Maya abandoned Bacalar .
1461 Cacicazgos (People) were established in the
Yucatan Peninsula.
1500 The Spanish arrived , they found the Maya in
these conditions of political and administrative
fragmentation and soon conquered the region .
1531 Francisco de Montejo assigned the conquest of
Alonso Dávila area who came to Tulum and
Bakhalal founding a people they called Villa
Real, but had to leave for the surprise attacks of
the Maya.
Date (Years) Event
1543 Francisco de Montejo (son ) , was assigned the
task of subduing again the Bacalar to Gaspar
Pacheco , the Spanish underwent a number of
1544 Melchor Pacheco founded the present
population , giving it the name Salamanca de
Bacalar .
1640 The pirate Peter Wallace was established south of
the current state of Quintana Roo , and is
engaged in the operation of logwood ,
becoming the first English settlement south of the
Rio Hondo and that was the origin of what is now
Belize .
1652 Bacalar was razed by Cuban Diego the Mulatto ,
which led to the almost total neglect of people.
Date (Years) Event
1729 It creates the fort of San Felipe de Bacalar near
the lagoon , to fortify the city .
1848 The Mayans rebelled against the Mexican
government , one of his first goals was to Bacalar,
was attacked and destroyed .
Pirate attacks British, French and Dutch
continued during the eighteenth century
because they wanted to control traffic
logwood, moreover Mayans were rebel
attacks. This made the decision was made to
fortify the city and erected the fort of San
Felipe de Bacalar on the shores of Lake
finished in 1729. Become a safe place.

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