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Field Trip


PURPOSE: While at Bud's Best Cookies, students will be given an opportunity
to observe and experience the process that goes into producing, exporting, and transporting
goods around the world and how countries rely on one another for this process.

Dear Parent or Guardian,
In the upcoming days, your students will be learning about interdependence and how
people rely on one another as well as countries relying on one another for trade. Our class has
an exciting opportunity to visit a factory just down the road from our school! On Tuesday,
February 11, we will be visiting the Bud’s Best Cookie Factory. This will give students an
chance to see what we are learning and how it applies to their lives because it will be a real life
factory. It is very important that students arrive at school on time on the day of the trip dressed
in field trip attire. Electronics will not be permitted. This means that students must wear closed
toed shoes, their orange t-shirt, and choice of pants. We will be leaving the school at 8:30 in the
morning and will be back before lunch at 10:45. There is a $5 cost for your child to be able to
attend the trip to cover bus fees and the snacks that will be provided for the students on the trip.
Cash or check will be acceptable (makes checks payable to Trace Crossings Elementary) Any
extra money will go towards our field trip fund towards our future field trips. Permission slips
and money must be turned in by Friday, February 7 in order for students to be able to attend.
We will be taking four parent volunteers with us. We need one to follow the bus. Thanks for
your support and I hope that you will allow your student to join us! Miss Hayes and Miss Bye.
------------------------------Cut Here ------------------------------Cut Here-----------------------------------
I, _________________________ give permission for my student, ______________________,
to attend a field trip to Bud’s Best Cookie Factory from 8:30-10:45 with Trace Crossings
Elementary on February 11, 2014.
In case of emergency, contact: Name ______________________ Phone #_______________
Student Allergies/Medical Needs:________________________________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature________________________________ Date____________
I would like to be a parent volunteer on the trip____________

Field Trip Location: Bud’s Best Cookies
Date: February 11

Prior to the field trip:

● Get permission from the school and administration to go to the factory
● Contact the factory-The teacher needs to book the trip at the beginning
of the year because it fills its openings quickly.
● Send home the permission slip and letter informing the parents about
what the purpose of the field trip is and why they should allow their child
to go.
● Collect money from all the students attending the trip
● Collect signed permission slips no later than the Friday before the trip
● Make sure we have 4 parent volunteers and 1 who is willing to drive to
follow the bus
● Collect all medical information and compile a list to bring along on the
trip and give to all of the parent volunteers

● The class will discuss behavior expectations:

● Students will discuss and pledge the following with their right hand in
the air: I, ______________ (insert name), promise to positively
represent Trace Crossings Elementary School through being
respectful and attentive before, during, and after our field trip to Bud’s
Best Cookies.

● The class will also review the importance of remembering Trace
Crossing’s S-3R policy: safe, respectful, resourceful, and

● Review of International Trade:
● The instructor will lead a brief discussion to review the international
trade unit covered in the previous week. We will review the following
● trade
● international trade
● producer
● consumer
● import
● export
● factory
● transportation
The teacher will make sure to emphasize the importance a factory plays in
the production of goods and why they would want to visit a factory.

Safety Procedures

Field Trip Location: Bud’s Best Cookies
Date: February 11

Prior to the trip, the teacher will contact the school nurse to determine if any
students will need to be administered daily medicine during the field trip. If
this is the case, the nurse will go through the protocol in order to release
the medicine to the teacher for the day and also notify the parents.

In the event of an injury or emergency:
First Aid: In the event of a minor injury, the teacher will utilize her first aid kit
and training to help the student in need. Upon returning to school, the
student will be checked out by a nurse.

In the event of a major injury or health crisis, the teacher will call an
ambulance and immediately notify the student’s parents. The teacher will
accompany the child in the ambulance if the parents are not already
present. If not serious enough for an ambulance, the parent who drove will
bring the student back to school before the bus.

Separation from the group:
If a student or adult becomes separated from the group, they will report to
the front office at Bud’s Best Cookies, and an employee will escort them
back to the group. The office will be pointed out after arriving. It is very
important for students to stay with the adult they are assigned to. There
are 6 adults and 18 kidseach adult is responsible for 3 kids. If something
was to go wrong though, and a kid were to lose his/her group, it is very
important that they know to go to the office and they will stay there until the
teacher shows up.
All adult chaperones will be given the phone numbers of the two teachers
and Trace Crossings Elementary.
To the chaperones-if you are to misplace a student even for just a minute,
before panicking, LET THE TEACHERS KNOW!

Management Plan

Students will wear their field trip t-shirts in order to make it easier to keep
the group together. Students must wear closed toed shoes inside of the
factory. Students are not allowed to bring in purses or bags into the

Groups and Chaperones:
Each chaperone will have 3 students. This includes the four parents and
the two teachers. These chaperones will be given a list of the students that
they are primarily responsible for. The students will know which adult they
are supposed to keep up with and stay with at all times. The teachers will
be available for any problems that may arise and will have phones
available if the groups get separated.

Special Rules:
All attendees should remove any jewelry or other accessories that could
potentially fall off of their persons while in the factory.
No bags or backpacks are allowed.
No students should bring electronics on this trip.
All attendees should wear close-toed shoes

Bus Rules:
Students will remain seated at all times, and enter and exit the bus when
instructed to do so. Students may talk using only their inside voices in order
to allow the bus driver to focus.
Students will sit two per seat.
Keep the Trace Crossings rules in mind at all times.
We are representing the school at all times!

Snack Plan

Field Trip Location: Bud’s Best Cookies
Date: February 11

At the end of the Bud’s Best Cookies’ tour, the students will receive a bag
of cookies from the factory. We will spend approximately fifteen minutes
outside of Bud’s Best Cookies eating cookies and drinking water, which will
be provided by the teacher.
The cost for the bottled water is accounted for in the $5 per student.

We will return to school in time to make our scheduled lunchtime.


Field Trip Location: Bud’s Best Cookies
Date: February 11, 2014

8:00 Students will arrive at normal time
8:30 Buses will depart for Bud’s Best Cookies
9:00 Students will exit buses
9:05 Explore public area with chaperones and watch a short video about
the factory
9:15 Begin tour-board the train
9:45 End tour
9:45 Snack-cookies and water outside (weather permitting)
10:15 Depart Bud’s Best Cookies
10:45 Group arrives back at Trace Crossings Elementary

**Chaperones should remain with their assigned groups at all points during
the field trip**


● Prior to the field trip:
● The teacher will communicate with Bud’s Best Cookies several
months in advance in order to get Trace Crossings on the
● The teacher will have the event approved by Trace Crossings
administration after finding an open date with Bud’s Best Cookies.
● The teacher will send home an information letter and permission
slips five weeks prior to the trip.

● On the day of the field trip:
● The teacher, chaperones, and bus drivers will each have a Trace
walkie talkie to communicate with and the teacher’s phone
number in case of an emergency.
● The teacher will communicate with Trace administration via cell
phones when necessary.
● The secretary at Trace will have contact information for the
teacher and Bud’s best Cookies in case a parent has an
emergency and needs to get in contact with their child’s teacher.

● Contact List
● Trace Crossings Elementary School: 205-439-2700
● Miss Hayes/Miss Bye: 800-123-4567
● Bud’s Best Cookies: 205-987-4840

● Meeting Locations:
● Trace Crossings: Lobby
● Bud’s Best Cookies: Front Lobby/Office
● If anyone gets lost or separated from their group, they must go
the front desk at the factory.

Assessment of learning:
What did we learn at Bud’s Best

1. Name two other countries that Bud’s Best ships
their cookies to. ____________________________
2. Describe what transportation had to do with the
factory process. ____________________________

3. Were we producers or consumers when we ate
the cookies at the factory? ____________________
4. Is the factory considered to be a producer or a

Follow Up

Thank you for Bud’s Best Cookies:

Bud’s Best Cookies,
Thank you so much for hosting the students in Miss Hayes/Miss Bye’s
class from Trace Crossings Elementary School. Our students loved the
experience, especially getting to ride the train through the factory and see
how the cookies are produced. Thank you for investing in our students’
education as we study international trade and interdependence. We are
grateful for everything you are doing to impact our community.

Miss Hayes & Miss Bye’s 3rd Grade Class

Parent Volunteers,

Thank you so much for taking time to go with our class to Bud’s Best
Cookies. We greatly appreciate your investment in our learning. We
enjoyed having you with us, and we hope to see you again on another field
trip. We loved learning more about factories, trade, transportation, and
interdependence with you, and we hope you had a great time! We could
not have done it without you!

Miss Hayes & Miss Bye’s 3rd Grade Class

Bud's Best Cookies, Inc.
2070 Parkway Office Circle
Birmingham, Alabama 35244
(205) 987.4840 / 1.800.548.1504
Fax: (205) 987.5248

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