Truth of Junaid Hafeez & Rashid Rehman

Junaid Hafeez hails from Rajanpur which is taken as the most remote district
of Punjab province of Pakistan. Despite all the backwardness of his system and
surrounding, he emerged as real harbinger of illumination and enlightenment.
Consecutive gold medals at intermediate and bachelor’s level couldn’t hinder
him pioneering the interactive theatre in south Punjab and editing several
books on poetry, fiction and critical thinking. He was bright enough to have the
renowned Fulbright scholarship in 2009-10 which led him to Jackson
University, America for the study in the domain of theatre and literature.
Returning to Pakistan in 2011, he joined Baha’uddin Zakariya University as
visiting faculty lecturer in dept of English whereby he was very keen about
appreciating the concept and values of Democracy, feminism, liberty,
pluralism, humanism and freedom of expression. He earned a lot of respect
and praise among his students and moderate content of the dept; however,
conservatives took him as a great threat and they were eager to plot various
conspiracies against him. Main focus of the fanatics/conservatives/Taliban was
to stop him from being the permanent faculty member of the dept; mean
while, in February 2013, the regular seat got advertised and courtesy to his
marvellous academic record and international exposure, Mr. Junaid was the
best available choice. The conservatives realized the upcoming scenario and
here the tragedy begins.

0n 13
march 2013, few pamphlets were distributed by a student of English
dept. Rana Akbar Tabish( an active member of Islami jameat Talba) and his
companions claiming that Mr. Junaid Hafeez is a blasphemer so he must be
hanged immediately .The hatred was quick to be conceived. A violent mob of
almost 100 people protested again the” supposed blasphemer” and cried for
his blood. The administration called the police keeping in with this untoward
situation. Junaid left the scene so as to save his life. The “efficient police”
registered an F.I.R no 103/13 at police station Alpa Multan under section
295b/295c and arrested the man from sahiwal on the basis of a very quick
F.I.R is relying on the content of a pamphlet which alleges that Junaid is the
founder and admin of a closed group on face book namely “ so called liberals
of Pakistan “ where the “culprit” through a concealed id namely Mullah
Munafiq comments on the respected wives of Holy Prophet (PBUH) in an
indecent manner.
After a very “intelligent” investigation, police was able to produce a Challan
report comprising of more than 800 pages declaring the accused as culprit
mainly relying on 19 statements of the protestors. Interestingly, these all
statements stand in a self-contradictory manner and a mere reading of it
suggests that vice chancellor khwaja Alqama was also a culprit in this regard;

however, police was again wise enough not to put a hand on a established
person whose father was governor and uncle was prime minister of Pakistan.
More interestingly, the leading religious elements who were asking death for
junaid used this allegation as a black-mailing tool and managed to have
membership of several committees of university including syndicate besides a
number of lucrative incentives and other perks.
Now, Central thesis of F.I.R. is drawn as under:
The police must be praised for its efficiency as it concluded the same without
consulting the cyber crime cell of F.I.A neither it thought about matching of
internet protocol addresses. Moreover, police was wise enough to attach e-
mail data of the accused along with a book namely “progressive Muslims” as
evidence, although the above attachments are very indicative of the fact that
the accused is a progressive Muslim.
The unlucky family of the accused was forced to strive in an incessant fear. To
manage a lawyer in such horrible circumstances was a herculean task, but at
last the father of the accused was triumphant in its accomplishment. The
lawyer, at the first resort, lodged an application in the court of A.S.J Multan
praying for the issuance of directions to the concerned investigation officer for
consulting the cyber crime cell. Meanwhile the “free judiciary “along with the
“Honorable religious scholars” managed to protest in front of the respective
court to convey “well wishes” to the court and “greetings” to the lawyer, who
immediately decided to detach him from the case.
As far as the real facts are concerned, the accused was gentle and plural guy
enjoying soft image in his surroundings prior to this case; moreover, the
address www.facebook /mulla.manhoos1 (id Mulla Munafiq) is active till date,
uploading and posting the stuff whereas the accused is behind the bar from
the last 14 months and neither internet is possible in jail nor he holds any
ghostly characteristics.
A twist in this story was magical appearance of Mr. Rashid Rehman who
decided to take up the matter on a humanitarian ground. Sticking to this very
context, he was the only ray of hope for the poor child (here is Pertinent to
mention that it was not the very first time when he stood against the
fanatics).Rashid was too quick to ensure jail trial for the accused and this was
intolerable for the blood-sucking vultures.

On the very first date of trial Mr.zulfiqar sindhu and associates threatened
him to be dumped before the next date of hearing. Similarly, Qari Ahmad mian
of JAMIAT ULEMA-A-PAKISTAN with his worthy and sacred companions of
peace launched a media trial against him in their trademark kutchi kutchi style.

This was a very serious nature of threat and it was more than enough for most
of the people; however, Rashid Rehman executed an ample proof of his
commitment to the true values of justice. He denied bowing in front of self-
proclaimed gods and this plucky decision led him to R.P.O Multan and local &
international media whereby he filed an application and report respectively
with clear nomination of the assailants. Furthermore, he applied for security. It
was obvious that police tried its best to stay cool, calm and composed with
utmost accomplishment of doing nothing in this regard.
Islam is the religion of peace which clearly narrates that one, who saves a
human is the saviour of the whole mankind.The very sin of Rashid rehman is
that despite of killing in the name of God, he was trying to save in the name of
Allah; therefore, he was sentenced to ‘’be no more’’

“Fear is a habit I am not afraid,” is how Rehman defined his circumstances
amid threats to his life, what better way to describe destiny that awaits us
sooner or later.
Fear should be a habit for each one of us and whether we are afraid or not,
no one will be spared from the pious wrath of God’s self-appointed helpers.
Until then, sit back and await your turn. (Dawn: 9TH MAY 2014)
Luckily, waiting one’s turn is the best remedy available; so there is nothing to
be afraid of. It’s the time for disco. Let’s make merry. Rashid rehman has died,
not a signal lawyer will dare to plead for junaid. Resultantly, he will be
persecuted with extreme love and care. Death is the only option left which is
far better than living.

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