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Mindanao State University


Marawi City

Dance Therapy

Good Morning everyone!
Im ____________ from Mindanao State University College of Health Sciences. Today we
will conduct an activity called Dance Therapy. Dance therapy is the psychotherapeutic use of
movement and dance for emotional, cognitive, social, behavioral, and physical condition. This
activity would take approximately 15-30 minute. The aim of this activity is to strengthen the
body and mind through collaborative movements and music to improve both mental and
physical well being.
The specific objectives of this activity are the ff.:
To reduce stress
To improve self-awareness, self-confidence, and establish an effective
therapeutic communication
To improve blood circulation
To mobility and muscle coordination and reduce muscle tension
For this activity, may we request the participation of our co-student nurses from other
schools to please help us by assisting the patients to the male ground. Thank you very much!

Mindanao State University-Student Nurse