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Unicel Technologies Private Limited.
Subject: Undertaking for User ID !nis"ka# $%& &% '( scrubbed against $D$C registry
We, H& )obi*e So*utions Ltd# hereby give an undertaking that the User ID !nis"ka #+ provided by
Unicel Technologies Private Limited+ is being used by H& )obi*e So*utions Ltd # for sending
messages to opt-in/non-NDN registered mobi!e numbers on!y. The messages are transa"tiona! in nature
and do not "ontain any "ommer"ia! or unso!i"ited "ommuni"ation.
#urther, any "omp!aints/grievan"es$/"!aims, %hether !ega! or "ommer"ia! %ith regard to the usage of t"e
said servi"e sha!! be the so!e responsibi!ity of H& )obi*e So*utions Ltd #. Unicel Technologies Private
Limited is hereby being indemnified from a!! "omp!aints/grievan"es$/"!aims %hether !ega! or "ommer"ia!
by H& )obi*e So*utions Ltd # for the !nis"ka#.
&est 'egards

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