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A man with character

When we meet a man who can not make up his mind, or argue his case, or assert his personality, we
tend to say, "He is a man of no character." This phrase is perhaps the most comprehensive claim of a man.
First of all, a man of character is the one who commands the respect and admiration of all. It is true,
that in many cases heredity and upringing play their part in strengthening and perfecting a man!s character,
ut the essential role is played y the human"s mentality. Then there is the influence of the age in which one
lives. We often hear or parents saying that on their time people were etter and things were easier, ut we
have many e#amples of men with character through history.
In the second place, character is the sum of those $ualities, actions and tendencies which distinguish
one man from another. In this scene many men do not have definite character. As %scar Wilde puts it, "&ost
people are other people. Their thoughts are some one else!s opinions, their passions a $uotation". 'o the first
essential of character is individuality and independence. However, it does not mean that the man of character
should all the time do what others have not done to keep up his independence. What is meant is that a man of
character should e ale to go against the accepted view or opinion or convention when his (udgment guides
him to do so.
In conclusion, a man of character should have moral courage in the right sense of the term. Without this
character will not stand the wear and tear of life. It is the courage that makes a man give up all selfish motives
of gain, and do whatever it takes to defend the right cause. It is this which makes others realise what stuffs a
man is made of. It makes one feared y the evil doers and admired y the good.