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Poetry terms test: Name :__________________ Period: ___________

Part 1: Match the Poetry term with the correct definition.

1. ____ Hyperbole A. The rhyming of words in the middle of lines.
2. ____ Onomatopoeia B. Compares one thing to another using the words
like or as.
3. ____ Alliteration C. The repetition of the beginning consonant
4. ____Simile D. Makes comparisons without using the words
like or as.
5. ____ End Rhyme E. A poem without regular meter or rhyme scheme.

6.____ Free Verse F. Makes a comparison in which something non-
human is compared to something human.
7. ____ Metaphor G. The repetition of vowel sounds.
8. _____ Internal Rhyme H. The repetition of consonant sounds
ANYWHERE in the words.
9. _____ Assonance I. The rhyming of words at the ends of two or more
lines of poetry.
10. _____ Personification J. Makes exaggerated comparisons for effect.
sometimes are funny.
11. _____ Repetition K. The words whose sounds make you think of their
12. _____Consonance L. The repeating of a word or phrase to add rhythm,
or emphasize and idea.
13. _____ Imagery M. The pattern of end rhymes (a,b,a,b c,d,d,c)
14. _____ Tone N. A reference in a literary piece to another piece of
work, a famous person, place, thing or song.
15. _____ Stanza O. Language that appeals to the senses.
16. _____ Allusion P. A group of consecutive lines in a poem (a paragraph in
poetry. Italian for stopping place or place to rest.)
17. _____ Rhyme Scheme Q. The authors attitude towards a literary work.
Part 2: Using the poetry terms in the box below, write in the word which best fits the
1. ________________ This is a kind of sound in poetry like dance, dare, drop
2. ________________ This is a word like buzz, thump, or snap.
3. ________________ These words are repeated The wind hissed, hissed down the alley.
4. ________________ She was as mean as a bear.
5. ________________ My home is my heart.
6. ________________ Repetition of sounds like rain, pain, fame.
7. ________________ Repetition of sounds like catcher, jacket, black.
8. ________________ Rhyming words in the middle of poems
After he made an out,
a pout rattled around his mouth.
9. _________________ My eggs stared back like dark eyes!
10. _________________ If he asks me to dance I will just die!!!
11. ________________ Rhyming words at the end of poems
Whose woods these are I think I know,
His house is in the village though
Hyperbole Alliteration Metaphor Internal Rhyme
End Rhyme Repetition Assonance Personification
Onomatopoeia Simile Consonance