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Amway hails Government’s proposal
BADDI (HP): Amwa y Indi a, a l ea ding compa ny enga ged i n di rect marketi ng of cons umer products i n the country, ha s wel comed the Union Government’s propos al for a legi s la tion to control `direct s el l ing’ bus i nes s i n Indi a . Speaki ng to a media del egati on from Andhra Pra des h at thei r ma nufacturing uni t at Baddi i n Hima chal Prades h, Amway Indi a ma nagi ng di rector and chief executive offi cer Wi ll i am S Pi nckney hoped tha t the l egis l a ti on woul d protect the i nteres ts of cons umers , dea lers and compani es . Bes ides , he s a id, the l egi s l ati on woul d help i ncrea s e the reputati on of genui ne compani es i n view of the s everal bogus compani es dupi ng publi c i n the gui s e of di rect s el l i ng. Pi nckney s ai d the mus hroomi ng of fa ke compa ni es res ulted i n mi s i nterpreta ti on of di rect s el li ng a nd ca us ed da ma ge to the reputati on of genui ne companies l ike Amwa y Indi a . ``There s hould be a code of conduct, whi ch is l i kel y to be brought i n by the legi s la tion to boos t the bus ines s ,’’ he s a id. Cons idered to be one of the bi gges t direct‐s el li ng compa ni es in the worl d, Amwa y Indi a i s facing lega l a nd s oci a l hurdl es for a l legedl y i ndul ging i n wrongful marketi ng acti vi ties . Des pi te i ts l egal battle i n Andhra Prades h for a l leged dupi ng of i ts deal ers , Amway India i s pl anning to tripl e i ts production at i ts Ba ddi uni t to cater to the needs of Andhra Pra des h a nd other s outhern States whi ch compris e 50 per cent of i ts bus ines s . Amway India grew by 40 percent duri ng 2008‐09, ea rni ng Rs 1,128 crore a gai ns t Rs 800 crore duri ng 2007‐08. The bus i nes s i s expected to touch Rs 2,500 crore by 2012‐13 a nd a ri s e in revenue by 27 percent thi s fi s ca l . “About Rs 55 crore is being i nves ted for expans i on of the unit to be compl eted by Februa ry next year,’’ s a id Sa jan Ki ra n, a s s i s ta nt vice‐pres i dent of Sarvotha m Ca re a t Ba ddi , which ma nufactures a bout 85 percent of the Amwa y products . Further, the company i s l aunching new products l i ke coconut oi l, a mla hai r oi l , di s pos a ble razors and s ha vi ng crea ms this yea r. di leep@epmltd.com © Copyri ght 2008 Expres s Buzz



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