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SSC CGL Tier-1 2014 exam is not far away now. If you really want to score good marks in this exam,
you must follow a proper plan for that. As you all know, SSC CGL Tier-1 Paper contains 200
Questions each of one mark. GS Section has 50 Questions in CGL TIER I Exam.

Questions Negative Marking
Tier I

50 Questions (01 marks each) - 0.25 marks each


First see the topics of General Studies in SSC notification, and divide it into three chapters
S+S+C= Static + Science + Crap and must study something in GS on daily basis.

80% of the GS section comes from Static and Science Portion so try to strong this part. Static
means Polity, Indian History & Culture, Geography and Economy.

Crap portion means Person in news, Awards, Sports, Books, Current Affairs, Government
institution, govt schemes, important dates and miscellaneous GK.

Try to learn short tricks of General studies; Short tricks are available in our Study Material Section Also we continuously post the tricks available to us
on our facebook page Always jot down the short tricks so you will
not forget them.

Current affairs can be cover by daily newspaper reading. We usually upload current affairs
summary on the website after the end of each month. Download it from the Study material

Please give at least one to two hours daily to General Studies.

Evaluate your performance by solving mock practice paper (all 04 sections) of Tier I on daily basis.
Practice papers are available in our Practice Paper section
You can download it or purchase practice paper book like Kiran from market.

Recommended book Lucents General Knowledge book.

Chapters and Topics for SSC CGL TIER I Exam
Chapter Topics Strategy
Static 1. Indian Polity

2.Indian History & Culture


Indian Polity by M. Laxmikanth, If you
dont have laxmikant than Lucent &
NCERT is sufficient for SSC exams.

Download History notes from @ssc- study material section. I
assure you that each & every question
related to history will come from that
notes. + Lucent

NCERT: Social Science Class 7 to 10
NCERT: Geography Class 11, 12.
Lucent General Knowledge.
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4. Economy

NCERT Economy book Class 11,
(Indias economy and Development) &
Lucent General Knowledge.
Science 1. Physics
2. Chemistry
3. Biology
NCERT Science of Class 7 to 10 &
Lucent General Knowledge.

4. Computer Study notes from
website study material.
Crap Person in news, Awards,
Sports, Current Affairs,
Government institution,
Government schemes,
important dates, Books and
miscellaneous GK.
Download Monthly updates of current
affairs from website
and Lucent General Knowledge
miscellaneous part.

Question Breakup: SSC-CGL Tier I (2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013)
Suggestions -
SSC always repeats the questions,
around 50% questions are taken from
previous papers of CGL, CHSL, MTS &
others ssc exams, CDS, NDS, etc. Please
go though all previous year papers.

Download previous year papers &
practice papers from website@ssc- practice paper section with
solution. Each practice paper contains the
questions from various exams like
Railway, SSC, UPSC, PCS etc, so these
practice papers will be very beneficial for

In GS Section do not try to attempt
(Tukka) the question, whose answer you
didnt know due to Negative marking.

Keep update yourself with 01 year
current affairs like person in news (Like
CJI, ICC Player of the year, Oscars, Army
chiefs etc), Books & Authors, Government
schemes, places in news etc. Suppose
your exam is on 27th of April 2014 than
prepare current affairs from April 2013 to
March 2014. If you find 01 years current
affairs lengthy than prepare the current
affairs from the month of notification to the
01 month before the exam dates.

1st read & understand the NCERT books of each subject than brush up your knowledge with
Lucent General Knowledge & website study material.
Chapter 2010 2011 2012 2013
Polity 07 05 08 04
Indian History & Culture 05 06 05 06
Geography & Biodiversity 06 11 06 06
Economy 11 07 04 06
Biology 06 04 08 06
Chemistry 04 04 03 09
Physics 07 06 04 03
Computer 01 02 02 02
Miscellaneous GK 03 05 10 08
Total 50 50 50 50