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READ 636 WebbEK Lesson Planning for Early Letter Name-Alphabetic Group April 2014

Components Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Shared Reading (whole class)
SOL 1.5 (knowledge of how print is
organized and read)

GOAL: vocabulary building and
connections from text to self.
Teach/Model (@1o min.):
Model book talk Wemberly
Worried, by Kevin Henkes.

Practice (@10 min.):
Connections to self, discuss.

Share (@5 min.): Share with a
Teach/Model (@1o min.): Maxs
Dragon Shirt by Rosemary Wells,
with read aloud followed by
choral read.

Practice (@10 min.): Choral

Share (@5 min.): Sentence
strips to place in story order,
choral assistance.
Teach/Model (@1o min.):
Read aloud Alexander and
the Terrible, Horrible, No
Good, Very Bad Day by
Judith Viorst.

Practice (@10 min.):
Print vocabulary cards as
group from story.

Share (@5 min.):
Have students discuss
definition and context. Add
words to word wall.
Teach/Model (@1o min.):
Ballerinas Dont Wear Glasses by
Manson and Griffiths. Think Aloud.

Practice (@10 min.):
Picture walk to initiate predictions.

Share (@5 min.):
Before and afterpredictions and

Teach/Model (@1o min.):
Andrews Loose Tooth by
Robert Munsch.

Practice (@10 min.):
Dramatic character

Share (@5 min.):
Opportunity for several
groups to briefly act out
Guided Reading
SOL 1.7, 1.8 (semantic clues, syntax,
expand vocabulary through
reading/listening/discussion). Teacher
provides scaffolding and differentiation
where needed.

GOAL: support of vocabulary and
Before (5-10 min.): A-Z reader
with initial consonant pattern.
Finger point reading as group.

During (5-10 min.): Students
finger point read to selves.

After (5-10 min.): Group talk
about story and consonants,
meaning of words.
Before (5-10 min.): Max story to
read as group. What does story
remind you of?

During (5-10 min.): Echo reading
and tracking.

After (5-10 min.):
Read to self and take book
Before (5-10 min.): Preview
little books with similar
vocabulary. What do you
think will happen?

During (5-10 min.):
Students read little books
aloud to themselves.

After (5-10 min.):What did
you visualize when reading?
Think, pair, share.
Before (5-10 min.):
Choral read A-Z reader and little
book. What connection can you
make between these books?

During (5-10 min.): Allow students
time to practice both texts in read
to self.

After (5-10 min.): Discussion of
two texts and similar vocabulary.
Before (5-10 min.): review
alternate scene from book
on readers theater sheet.

During (5-10 min.):
Students practice with

After (5-10 min.): Whole
group re-read. Discuss big
idea of story.
Independent Reading
SOL 1.9, 1.10 (reading and
comprehension of fiction/non-fiction).
GOAL: Practice strategies, conference,
promote reading interest.
Guided independent reading
with teacher conferences
conducted (@15 min.)
Guided independent reading
with teacher conferences
conducted (@15 min.)
Guided independent
reading with teacher
conferences conducted
(@15 min.)
Guided independent reading with
teacher conferences conducted
(@15 min.)
Guided independent
reading with teacher
conferences conducted
(@15 min.)
Writers workshop
SOL 1.13 (write to communicate ideas
for a variety of purposes)

GOAL: Practice of initial consonant
sounds, independent writing, and
Mini-lesson: white board
practice of words with same
initial consonants.

Student Writing:
White board sentences using
practice words.

Sharing with teacher:
Students share sentences and
discuss with teacher.
Mini-lesson: Interactive writing
about Max and his shirt.

Student Writing:
Students write in journal about
their favorite thing (like Maxs

Sharing with peers:
Sharing with group.
Mini-lesson: Model simple
letter writing.

Student Writing: Students
write letter to Alexander
discussing their worst day.

Sharing with teacher:
Teacher conference.
Mini-lesson: Self-portrait with
labeling and description.

Student Writing: Students create
self-portrait and label, describe.

Sharing with peers:
Share with another and provide
Mini-lesson: Model
writing for sounds to
review initial consonant

Student Writing: Write
for sounds.

Sharing with teacher:
Share sentences with
Word Study
SOL 1.6 (apply phonetic principles to

GOAL: Word knowledge of patterns
that relate to meaning in spelling.
Word recognition.
Word study (10-15 min.):
word hunt in text with same
initial consonant

Word wall (5 min.): add new
words found in text
Word study (10-15 min.): show
me folder with 3-letter words

Word wall (5 min.): review, add
any new folder words
Word study (10-15 min.):
Beginning and end sound

Word wall (5 min.): review
beginning and ending
Word study (10-15 min.): word
flip charts with onset and rime

Word wall (5 min.): add new words
from flip chart
Word study (10-15 min.):
Onset and rime game

Word wall (5 min.): review
and use for writing activity
Literacy and Strategy Instruction for Early Letter Name-Alphabetic Stage with Level: Pre-Primer 2 Beginning Reader Diet: 40% Fluency, 20% Word Study, 20% Comprehension, 20% Writing.