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The Abundant Mystic: 21-Days to TRUE Prosperity
Joe Vitale - Toolbox

1. Gratitude
Joe attributes his journey from homelessness to multi-millionaire to the daily practice of
2. HoOponopono.
I love you. Im sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. Say them in any order. Or just say one
of the statements. If you just walked around saying, I love you, in your mind, all of the
time; youre going to change your energy field.
3. Mastermind.
Surround yourself with people who support you.
4. Read inspiring and uplifting books.
There is so much uplifting material available; much of it free.
5. Listen to the positive audio material.
Turn your car into a mobile university. Listen to inspiring audios when you are cleaning
your house.
6. Ask for help.
Dont be a Lone Ranger. Ask people to support you. Abundance loves to be shared.
7. Stop watching the news.
The news is filled with negative information. Why subject yourself to that when there is so
much positive, inspiring material available?
8. What If Up Thinking.
Were conditioned to focus on What if Down. Get into the habit of spending time each day
focusing on What if Up!
9. Other tools mentioned include: