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The Das Mahavidyas Kamakthya Devi Mantras

The Das Mahavidyas Kamakthya Devi Mantras

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Published by: Phalgun Balaaji on May 11, 2014
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The Das Mahavidyas (or Dasamahavidyas, etc… there are many spellings!

) are the ten beautiful and
ferocious Great Wisdom Goddesses of the indu !ha"ta tradition# They are po$erful as individual
Goddesses, and as a group they may be considered emanations of %ali, among $hose many identities
is !ri !ri %ama"hya Devi#
&t the !ri !ri %ama"hya Temple comple' on (ilachal ill in &ssam, (ortheast )ndia, $e find many
temples, and chief amongst them are the shrines to %ama"hya herself, and to the Mahavidyas#
Worship of these Mahavidyas at %ama"hya is uni*ue and unli"e other Tantric traditions, and here at the
!ri %ama"hya Mahavidya Mandir, $e use this same approach#
While much of their $orship is un"no$n to those outside the tradition, there are a number of $ays to
approach these po$erful Devis as a simple devotee + particularly through song and mantra# ,ach Devi
has at least one (sometimes t$o) pranama mantra + that is, a mantra that is used for offering reverence
and respect# )f you have a small shrine to any or all of the Das Mahavidya in your home, use these
mantras to invo"e the particularly potent energies of these Devis as they are manifested at our beloved
!ri !ri %ama"hya Temple#
(-T,. The Das Mahavidyas are listed here in their name and order of emanation according to the
%ama"hya tradition# This may be similar or very different to lists you have seen else$here, and most or
even all of these mantras may be ne$ to you in some $ay# Worship at %ama"hya is ancient and uni*ue,
and so these differences are to be e'pected# ,very parampara (guru lineage) has its o$n recogni/ed
versions mantras and stotras that have been passed do$n through the ages#
0onsider this set of mantras a divine gift from %ama"hya Devi to add to your understanding and love of
We have given the popular spelling first, and then follo$ed it $ith correct diacritical spelling#
1. Kali (Kālī, She Who is Beyond Time)
namo d1rghesvar1 dev1 sarva"2ma phalaprad2m 3 ṁ ṁ
d1rgh2"ara "u ayu"t2 siddhi yaccha suresvar1 33 ṇḍ ṁ ṁ
"2l1 "2l1 mah2 "2li "2l1"e p2pa na4in1 3
"ha ga haste mu da haste "2l1 "2l1 namostute 33 ḍ ṇ
2. Tara (Tārā, She Who Helps One Across, or The Sar)
praty2l1 hpade ghore mu am2l2pa4ovite 3 ṛ ṇḍ
"harve lambodar1 bh1me ugrat2r2 namostute 33
praty2l1 hpade ghore mu am2l2pa4ovite 3 ṛ ṇḍ
"harve lambodar1 bh1me astat2r2 namostute 33
!. Shodashi " #aha Trip$ras$ndari " Kama%hya ( o a ī, She Who is Si&een " ṣ ḍ ṣ #aha
Trip$rās$ndarī, The Bea$i'$l One Who ($les he Three Worlds " Kāmā%hyā, She Who )rans All
"2m2"hy2 "2masampan2 "2me4var1 harapriy2 3 ṁ ṁ ṁ ṁ
"2man2 dehi me nitya "2me4var1 namostute 33 ṁ ṁ
"2m2"hye varade dev1 n1la parvata v2sin1 3
tva dev1 5agata m2t2 yonimudre namostute 33 ṁ ṁ
+. Bh$,anesh-ari (Bh$,ane.,arī, Belo,ed )oddess Whose Body is he /arh)
bhuvane41 mah2may2 s6ryama al2r6pin1m 3 ṁ ṁ ṇḍ
nam2mi varad2 4uddh2 "2m2"hy2r6pin1 4ivam33 ṁ ṁ ṁ
0. Bhaira,i (Bhaira,ī, The Terri1le One)
mah2padmavan2ntasthe param2nandavigrahe 3
4abdabrahmamaye svacche vande tripurabhairav1m33
2. 3hinnamasa (3hīnnamasā, She Who Se,ers Her O-n Head)
guptadurge mah2bh2ge guptapap2pran24in1 3
sapta5anm2r5it2t p2p2t tr2hi m2 4aran2gatam33 ṁ
namaste gupta"2m2"hye tubhya trailo"yap65ite 3 ṁ
prayaccha vividh2 siddhi nitya dev1 4ivapriye33 ṁ ṁ ṁ
4. *h$ma,ai (*h5mā,aī, She Who /manaes Smo%e)
dev1 "otesvar1 4uddh2 p2p2ghn1 "2mar6pin1m 3 ṁ ṁ ṁ ṁ
nam2mi mu"ti"2m2ya dehi mu"ti harapriye 33 ṁ
6. Ba7alam$%hi " Ba7ala (Ba7alām$%hī, She Who Has a 8ace Wih he 9o-er o 3onrol and
prapadye 4ara a dev1 4r1"2m2"hy2 sure4var1m 3 ṇ ṁ ṁ ṁ
4ivasya dayit2 suddh2 "2m2"hy2 "2mar6pi 1m 33 ṁ ṁ ṁ ṇ
:. #aan7i " Saras,ai (#āa 7ī, The /lephan, he O$case )oddess " Saras,aī, She Who ṅ
3onin$o$sly 8lo-s)
sarasvatyaya namo nitya bhadra"2lyaya namo nama 3 ṁ ḥ
vedaved2ntaved2 ga vidy2sth2nebhya eva ca 33 ṅ
1;. Kamala " <a%shmi, <a&mi (Kamalā, The <o$s )oddess " <a% mī, The )oddess Who ṣ
Achie,es All O1=eci,es)
sad2c2ra priye dev1 4u"lapu p2mvarapriye 3 ṣ
gomay2d14ucipr1te mah2la" m1 namostute33 ṣ
These mantras have never before appeared in a list for use by devotees all over the world. Many thanks
to Sri Jadu Nath Sarma for his work in compiling these mantras for publication.

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