CLST 307 Visual Culture Spring 2010 9:30-10:45 TTh Prof.

Paul Miers SOCIAL MEDIA & THE POWER OF IMAGES theory and practice

drifting wood says: love this great job

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{meganharris} says: i like your hair flicking. nonchalance

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Pathetic phallacy
Uploaded to Flickr on July 31, 2009 by Miss Aniela Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition, Timothy Leary ;) The last of my collaboration with Rossina - at least for now! Read about our entire collaboration on my blog and Rossina's blog. Thanks Rossina and to Julie Séguinier!

A disturbing though little publicized movement is afoot in American education to transform the study of art into what is termed Visual Culture Studies. It seeks to broaden the proper sphere of art education --the visual arts--to include every kind of visible artifact.
Michele Marder Kahmi, "Rescuing Art from 'Visual Cultural Studies'"

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