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A Prayer of Thanksgiving for YOU

A Prayer of Thanksgiving for YOU

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Published by: cwriter on Nov 10, 2009
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From Charlotte ~ Sis ta C ~ Ferrell © 11/25/05 –

rev 9/10/09

A Prayer of Thanksgiving for YOU

Today I thank God for your life For your smiles of joy and encouragement For slowing your breath and holding your tongue When others words and deeds have made a wound I thank God you are among the living Among the doing About the fixing of broken hearts and disrupted journeys As you travel along your pathway I pray that your dreams are delivered That y your strongholds and stumbling blocks are broken and swept away That happiness dances in your heart And fruit grows on every tree you plant As the hour comes that we must depart From our joyful time in this space Let not a tear streak, smear or Spoil the perfect glow of your face Good day, good evening, good night My earthly Friends Friends… M y ultimate best friend and Lord Thank you so much for all you have done It jellyroll ends one day and cheers the next to begin.

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