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The poem 'The Dead Crow' is about what has happened to our environment due to
and abuse by Man.
In this poem, the poet voices his anger about what we have done to our environment.
Among the victims of pollution are an old man, a baby and a crow.

The poem is basically on nature and its resources. However, human activities has caused
the earth to deteriorate (to get worse) due to pollutions, as apparent in the death of the
crow as well as humans themselves to get ill as suggested old man and a baby having
breathing problems. The phrase crowded clinic also suggest that there are many other
who suffers from sicknesses, probably due to air pollution, because they are having
breathing problems (respiratory illness/illness of the lungs). The persona also demands
for a better world for the future generations (for my grandchildren). Finally, he wants
those damned fools (referring to politicians and developers) to stop destroying the earth
and ends the poem with a sarcastic line which suggests that the persona doubts that the
politician are planning for the best of the people, or for the greater good.