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The Advantages of Being Male

The Advantages of Being Male

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Published by Elton Camp
It's the age of men
It's the age of men

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Published by: Elton Camp on May 11, 2014
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The Advantages of Being Male

By Elton Camp
Benefits of masculinity I cannot deny
There are reasons to like being a guy
It’s assumed men deserve higher pay
And as a man, I really like it that way
We wear the same clothes to every affair
And nobody will notice or show they care
Just two pairs of shoes are entirely enough
We needn’t color coordinate and such stuff
There’s no makeup I must rub onto my face
In fact, to do that would be counted a disgrace
y hair I don’t need either to straighten or curl
But that sure isn’t the case if you’re are a girl
!obody will ask me to serve as a babysitter
"o with others kids my time I don’t flitter
If visitors should find that the house isn’t clean,
They won’t blame me and you know what I mean
They say, #That poor guy’s wife is such a la$y lout%
"he doesn’t have a clue what cleanliness is about%&
'or promotions at work I always have the inside track
Being a male will compensate for any skills I may lack
And when I become old and ugly that will still be okay
I might find that it inspires more respect to be that way
'or a woman to be considered to be as good as me,
At least twice as competent she is re(uired to be
And the main thing at which I )ust now smiled
I can come to have kids without bearing a child

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