Clocks and Watches

First made in the 1300’s

Why they used the clock
• They used the clock to tell time. • Used it for daylight savings. • Help to tell when it’s about to be dark or light.

First clock made by Peter Heinlein
• He was born in Nierenberg Germany. • He worked as a lock smith. • He wasn’t really educated he just fixed things as a lock smith. • Because he needed to know the time and thought it would be a good idea to make a pocket watch. • Peter Henlein just invented the pocket watch.

Inventions that lead to the pocket watch.
• The reason for the pocket watch was made was from the clock its self. There was really no other inventions that lead from the pocket watch. • The important thing about the watch is to keep track of time. • Yes the watch has been improved. There are many different clocks now since the 1300’s.

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