Atrophy We gather round to get ready for the picture, and I get lost inside my head: i feel something

dark tugging at my face but its been years, and my will to fight it died died like my dad, died like the homie Bart Learned helplessness? maybe, maybe not but either way its not representative of me my facial expression, but not my state of mind the gauge shows empty even when I'm joyful and 'shes' ask me to defy this for a few seconds but baby, this diamond is one you gotta mine for and homie, i'm not ice grilling you on purpose we can chill if you would just put your pride down i feel like a broken puppet, i feel broken period this book has no seams but triumphant stories and once you can accept that, maybe i can because once in a while i wanna change too and my answer ain't good enough for me either it is what it is tho, so appreciate it when you can whether its inebriated nights or lucky days cuz you can assume i'm too tense and not fun ask around though, i'm 1 funny mothafucker I hear “Cheese!” but I can't play the rat today... It takes over 20 muscles to smile but it only takes 1 in the chest to keep it there.