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April 20,

Essence Sociology for college
credit, juniors and seniors
Race and ethnicity
Standards: Students
will or should be
able to ealuate the
concept of their
own race in
relationship to the
culture past and
Content Objective(s): Evaluate the sociological theories on race relations
Com!are racial and ethnic minorit" and dominant grou! e#!erience in the US and globall"
E#!lore Solutions to current racial and ethnic !roblems in the US and globall"
$anguage Objective(s): use grou!ing strategies and !rovide e#tra assistance i% needed
&e" 'ocabular"
(ace) ethnicit") majorit" grou!) minorit" grou!)
!rejudice) discrimination (individual and
Su!!lementar" *aterials
+icture o% ,itler US troo!s) German troo!s) and
-a!anese troo!s
Short cli! %rom ,otel (.anda .ith the ,utus and
Tutsis) !rojector) la!to!) thumb drive .ith
S/O+ 0eatures
+re!aration Sca%%olding Grou!ing O!tions
# 1da!tation o% Content # *odeling # 2hole class
# $in3s to 4ac3ground Guided !ractice # Small grou!s
# $in3s to +ast $earning /nde!endent !ractice +artners
Strategies incor!orated # Com!rehensible in!ut # /nde!endent
/ntegration o% +rocesses 1!!lication 1ssessment
# (eading # ,ands5on # /ndividual
# 2riting # *eaning%ul # Grou!
# S!ea3ing # $in3ed to objectives # 2ritten
# $istening # +romotes engagement # Oral
The Lesson Sequence:
(Building background)
2arm u!:
Sho. a !icture o% ,itler) a German Soldier) t"!ical 1merican soldier) and a -a!anese Soldier *ost have a
great %amiliarit" .ith 22// so this is a good !lace to start a discussion o% race and in%luence Secondl")
as3 students .hat race the" are according to the national census 6uestionnaire +rovide the census 6uestions
about race on the overhead !rojector Since 789: there has been a s!eci%ic 6uestion about ,is!anic origin
because the" are the largest !ortion o% our !o!ulation) "et the" ma" choose an" race the" .ould
li3e The ne#t 6uestion is a choice %rom %i%teen races and a chance to .rite in "our o.n i% it is not listed
1s3 these 6uestions to o!en discussion: 2hat is race; 2hat is ethnicit"; 2hat do these ans.ers mean;
1re these de%initions cultural) genetic) or manu%actured b" societ"; Can "ou change race; 2ould "ou
.ant to; 2hat are some descri!tions o% the di%%erent races; 1re the" accurate or generalities; <: minutes
%or in%ormation) evaluation) sharing) and %eedbac3
(Support language and content objectives, comprehensible input, strategies,
interaction, feedback)
+rovide three readings to the grou! on race and jig5sa. the class (grou!s o% three each .ith one reading)
brea3 out into three big grou!s and discuss) then re!ort bac3 to "our original grou! and share "our thoughts
and the grou! discussion %or "our reading) 7! "iger #oods and the E$erging %ultiracial &dentity'
%apping the (ew Ethnic "errain <) )o$$on Sense and Sociology' #hat is Race and #hy )an it
)hange on a *lane "rip+ =) "he Sapir,#horf -ypothesis' .inguistic /eter$inis$ 0language creates
your reality including the races that you see and their interpretations!
>: minutes %or individual reading) large grou! anal"sis and note ta3ing) and return to small grou!s and
share .hat their reading .as about and the relevance
(Meaningful activities, interaction, strategies, practice/application, feedback)
Have a Socratic Seminar (they already know how to do this) consisting of nine
people, three from each reading with a focus on the global implications of societies
creating race because of the need for power and control of others !hey must use
their readings as sources but are encouraged to bring in their own ideas and thoughts
to the discussion !he rest of the students in class will be accountable by using the
evaluation form and shadowing one of the representatives in the primary discussion
group !here will be a "hot seat# available if someone on the outside would like to
add to the discussion
$% minutes for the Socratic Seminar
(&eview objectives and vocabulary, assess learning)
!he written assessment will consist of completing a two paragraph '&()'ree
response *uestion that answers the following *uestion +escribe the race which you
have historically been labeled and the adjectives used in the class +o you feel as if
these adjectives are accurate or have they been created unfairly, How can we change
the global preoccupation with race and the prejudices that are associated with them,
EXTENSION (if appica!e":
/% e#tension is necessar" / .ould assign an individual assignment based u!on an individual anal"sis o% the
student?s heritage .ith a %ocus on race and ethnicit" and a com!arison .ith the %ormer against the
Declaration o% ,uman (ights The objective is %or the students to anal"@e their o.n !rejudices and !re5
conceived notions o% the im!ortance o% race and ethnicit" and conclude that these di%%erences are minuscule
and arbitrar"