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API 576 Questions

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Pressure Relief Devices Descriptions Instructions: Read API 576 from its beginning and as you find the
answers to the questions below enter them. For the Section VIII questions read paragraphs UG-125 to
UG-128 Pressure Relief Valves

1. A pressure relief device is actuated by ___________________________.
2. All pressure vessels other than unfired steam boilers shall be protected by a pressure relief device
that shall prevent the pressure from rising more than _____or ____, whichever is greater, above the
maximum allowable working pressure.
3. Safety, safety relief, and relief valves shall be of the ____________ loaded type.
4. The set pressure tolerances, plus or minus, of pressure relief valves shall not exceed __________ for
pressures up to and including 70 psi (483 kPa) and ___% for pressures above 70 psi (483 kPa).
5. A ________valve is a pressure relief valve characterized by rapid opening or pop action or by opening
in proportion to the increase in pressure over the opening pressure, depending on application.
6. The spring of a _______ valve is usually fully exposed.
7. Relief valves usually reach full lift at either _____% or____% overpressure, depending on the type of
valve and trim.
8. A safety relief valve is normally fully open at ____% over-pressure when in gas or vapor service.
9. A __________ safety relief valve has a bonnet that encloses the spring and forms a pressure-tight
cavity. The bonnet cavity is vented to the discharge side of the valve.
10. The pressure at which a pressure relief valve is adjusted to open on the test stand is known as the
11. Balanced safety relief valves are normally used in refinery and petrochemical process industries that
handle flammable, hot, or toxic material, where____________ are present at the valve discharge.
12. A ______________safety relief valve is a pressure relief valve in which the major relieving device or
main valve is combined with and controlled by a self actuated auxiliary pressure relief valve.
13. Pressure and/or vacuum vent valves are normally used to protect __________ and
_____________storage tanks against a pressure large enough to damage the tank.