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The Definite Article No Article

1. Continents exceptions
the Artic, the Antarctic
1. Continents
Africa, Antarctica, America, Asia, Australia, Europe
$. Co#ntries exceptions% re&ions
the Argentine, the Congo, the Lebanon, the Senegal, the
Ruhr, the Ukraine, the Crimea, the Riviera, the Caucasus
' Co()o#n* n+(es
the United States of America "#t,
$. Co#ntries% st+tes% co#nties% )ro-inces
Italy, e!as, "evonshire, Scotland
#reat $ritain
.. Cities exception
he %ague
.. Cities% -ill+&es
London, &e' (ork
/. Gro#)s of isl+n*s +n* (o#nt+in ch+ins
the Canary Islands, the %a'aii, the Alps, the Rocky
/. Isl+n*s +n* (o#nt+ins in the sin&#l+r
Elbrus, )ount Etna, Cyprus, *ersey
0. L+1es without the word lake +n* in the )l#r+l
the $aikal, the +ive #reat Lakes
0. L+1es with the word lake
Lake )ichigan, Silver Lake
2. Ri-ers% se+s% oce+ns% str+its% c+n+ls
the )ississippi, the $altic Sea, the ,acific -cean, the
$ering Strait, the Sue. Canal, the English Channel
2. W+ter f+lls% "+3s
&iagara +alls, /ictoria +alls, %udson $ay
4. N+(es in the )l#r+l
the )idlands, the &etherlands, the (orkshire +orests
4. C+)es
Cape %orn
5. Penins#l+s with the word peninsula
the $alkan ,eninsula
5. Penins#l+s without the word peninsula
6. Pl+nets exceptions
the Earth, the )oon, the Sun
6. Pl+nets% st+rs
/enus, )ars, -rion
17. Deserts
the Sahara, the #obi
17. N+(es 8ith +ttri"#tes
&orth America, Central Asia
11. Streets exceptions
the %igh Street, the Strand
11. Streets% s9#+res
-!ford Street, rafalgar S0uare
1$. N+(es 8ith the )re)osition :of;
the $ay of $iscay, the City of &e' (ork, the )ount of
-lives, the Isle of )an, the #ulf of )e!ico