Stage 8.

Barreda runner-up in second part of the marathon stage.
TEAM HC!s "oan Barreda finished the eighth stage of the ally #a$ar
%&'( in second place. H)lder odrigues crossed the finish-line in
fourth* and +aia San, continues her run of e-cellent performances on
the Honda C.(/& A++0 pre-production model.
The #a$ar said good1ye to an accommodating and 2i1rant Boli2ia*
and has mo2ed on to Chile. Today sa3 the second leg of the
marathon stage* in the area of Salar de Uyuni* 3hich had 1een
reduced in length 1y some t3el2e $ilometres.
"oan Barreda* yesterday!s 3inner* set a1out cutting do3n the
distance 3ith the o2erall race leader* opening the 3ay in the special*
in a solitary ride in 3hich 3e cloc$ed up a total time of %!'&4* second
only to Cyril #espres. Barreda has cla3ed 1ac$ four seconds from
Marc Coma in the o2erall standings.
H)lder odrigues* loo$ing far more at ease in this stage* finished
fourth some 5!((4 1ehind the stage 3inner* and "a2ier 6i,,olito ended
the race in eighteenth.
Honda Argentina ally Team!s accumulation of good stage results
continues 3ith +aia San, al3ays in the top t3enty at the 2arious time
chec$s* finishing fifteenth at the end of the day. Team-mate 6a1lo
7Cacha! odr8gue, finished in the top fifty.
"9A: BAE#A
;t 3as a really long special today and ;!m 2ery pleased 3ith the
marathon. ; 3as ahead* opening the 3ay* pushing hard and forcing
the pace to try and cause the others to ma$e mista$es. ;t hasn!t
happened yet* 1ut 3e ha2e done really 3ell 3ith a couple of great
stages and ;!m 2ery satisfied 3ith a <o1 3ell done.
H=+#E 9#;>UES
;t 3as a good stage for me and ;!2e pic$ed up a fe3 minutes on my
nearest ri2als. My goal is to fight for a place on the podium* that!s (/
minutes a3ay* 3hich is ?uite a lot* 1ut ;!m determined to gi2e my all
to achie2e it.
esults Stage 8
pos Nom Heure Scratch Pos.
1 DESPRES CYRIL 12:42:14 05:23:14 1
2 !RRED! "R# $"!N 12:40:24 05:25:24 2
3 C"%! %!RC 12:42:30 05:25:30 3
4 R"DRI&'ES HELDER 12:5(:5) 05:2*:5) 4
5 P!IN "LI+IER 13:05:00 05:34:00 5
( %E#&E %ICH!EL 13:1(:1) 05:3(:1) (
, +!N NIE-ER- RI!!N 13:10:35 05:3(:35 ,
) &"'E# D!NIEL 13:12:43 05:3(:43 )
* PR.Y&"NS-I -'! 12:5*:4* 05:3(:4* *
10 +IL!D"%S $"RDI 13:0*:54 05:3(:54 10
11 PEDRER" &!RCI! $'!N 12:5):3* 05:3,:3* 11
12 ISR!EL ES/'ERRE $ERE%I!S 13:03:11 05:3):11 12
13 $!-ES I+!N 13:20:11 05:41:11 13
15 S!N. L!I! 13:1*:30 05:44:30 14
1( P!#R!" %0RI" 13:1(:2, 05:4,:2, 15
69@;S;9:A+ Standings

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