TEAM HRC makes it to the break with Juan Barreda in second place.

It was a fourth place finish for Joan Barreda and si!th for H"lder Rodri#ues in
this the si!th sta#e of the $akar %&'( which finished toda) in the cit) of *alta
Ar#entina. Both riders will be poised to attack from #ood positions when the the
second part of the rall) recommences.
It will be a well+deser,ed da) of rest for the riders at the camp in *alta after si!
da)s of some of the most #ruellin# $akar to date. It was once a#ain a
mountain sta#e full of hard #round rocks a lot of dust some fesh+fesh and a
fair share of animals.
Joan Barreda finished in fourth place in the transition sta#e of toda) takin# no
chances in the limited ,isibilit) and clouds of dust produced b) the competitors
up ahead. In doin# so the *panish rider consolidates his position and will be
lookin# to push hard when the second week of the Rall) $akar #ets underwa).
Helder too stated how difficult it had been to #ain an) precious seconds on his
ri,als. It had been a blessin# to the other riders to ha,e started out in front.
Rodri#ues finished in si!th and mo,es up into ei#hth o,erall position. Ar#entino
Ja,ier -i..olito crossed the line in %/th place.
It was a pass with honours for the riders from Honda Ar#entina Rall) Team
0aia *an. and 1Cacha2 Rodr3#ue. who continue in the race. 0aia *an. who
picked up a one+hour penalt) for missin# a wa)point toda) made up for the
places dropped in the o,erall standin#s and is now back in %&th place. -ablo
Rodr3#ue. not wantin# to take an) chances after a fall )esterda) took it calml)
and finished in (4rd.
TEAM HRC would like to make a special mention for Bel#ian rider Eric -alante
who passed awa) durin# the course of the fifth sta#e. -alante a ,eteran and
#reat aficionado of the Cross+Countr) Rallies was takin# part in this his ''th
$akar on a Honda. 5ur most sincere condolences #o out to famil) and friends.
Ma) he rest in peace.
We made it to the half-way point at the rally here in Salta. We are happy,
but it ertainly ha!n"t been an ea!y wee#, with a few problem!, partiularly
ye!terday. $oday wa! a day for athin% the %roup ahead. &t wa! really
diffiult to o'erta#e with the fe!h-fe!h, but it wor#ed out and we will be
!ettin% off with the leadin% %roup on Sunday"! Salta ( Boli'ia !ta%e. We"ll
be %i'in% it our be!t.

Another day at the Da#ar. $he fir!t part ha! fini!hed. $oday wa! a 'ery
tehnial day with a lot of du!t and load! of dan%erou! ur'e!. &t wa! a
'ery different !peial. $hey ha'e been 'ery -ui# and 'ery du!ty. $he
!eond !peial wa! really fa!t... and not !o fa!t. Where you don"t really
%ain anythin%, but you an lo!e e'erythin%. in today"! !tandin%!
i!n"t bad. We !hall fi%ht on.
Pos. N° Nombre Marca Tiempo Variación
1 022 DUCLOS (FRA) S!RCO 004:21:34
2 002 COMA (!SP) "TM 004:22:49 00:01:15
3 017 M!T#! (FRA) $AMAA 004:23:23 00:01:49
4 003 %ARR!DA %ORT (!SP) ONDA 004:23:56 00:02:22
5 001 D!SPR!S (FRA) $AMAA 004:24:29 00:02:55
6 007 RODR&#U!S (PRT) ONDA 004:25:55 00:04:21
7 019 SV&T"O (SV") "TM 004:29:20 00:07:46
8 015 PR'$#ONS"& (POL) "TM 004:29:46 00:08:12
9 004 V&LADOMS (!SP) "TM 004:32:00 00:10:26
10 038 &SRA!L !S(U!RR! (CL) SP!!D%RA&N 004:32:47 00:11:13
20 050 SAN' (!SP) ONDA 004:46:01 00:24:27
29 014 P&''OL&TO (AR#) ONDA 004:54:28 00:32:54
43 046 RODR&#U!' (AR#) ONDA 005:17:26 00:55:52
Pos. N° Nombre Marca Tiempo Variación
1 002 COMA (!SP) "TM 023:08:00
2 003 %ARR!DA %ORT (!SP) ONDA 023:50:17 00:42:17
3 022 DUCLOS (FRA) S!RCO 024:08:58 01:00:58
4 004 V&LADOMS (!SP) "TM 024:16:09 01:08:09
5 038 &SRA!L !S(U!RR! (CL) SP!!D%RA&N 024:41:28 01:33:28
6 006 PA&N (FRA) $AMAA 024:51:08 01:43:08
7 015 PR'$#ONS"& (POL) "TM 024:57:59 01:49:59
8 007 RODR&#U!S (PRT) ONDA 025:09:24 02:01:24
9 009 CAST!U (FRA) "TM 025:20:05 02:12:05
10 026 #OU!T (CL) ONDA 025:25:26 02:17:26
11 001 D!SPR!S (FRA) $AMAA 025:32:41 02:24:41
12 019 SV&T"O (SV") "TM 025:44:44 02:36:44
13 017 M!T#! (FRA) $AMAA 026:24:37 03:16:37
14 030 VAN N&!"!R" ('AF) "TM 026:31:07 03:23:07
15 016 )A"!S (SV") "TM 026:32:04 03:24:04

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