511 Interviews with registered voters in Chicago who are very likely
to vote in the non-partisan mayoral election on Tuesday, February 24, 2015.
Accuracy level +/- 4.2%
The survey was conducted by phone with registered voters in Chicago. It was conducted
by telephone which allows interviewers to conduct surveys with people who list mobile
phones as their primary number (it is illegal for automated polling to call mobile
phones). More than 39% of the interviews were conducted with mobile users.

2. If the election for Mayor of Chicago were held today, for whom would you
vote? (ROTATE)
29% Rahm Emanuel
26% Toni Preckwinkle
5% Bob Fioretti
10% Karen Lewis
3% Robert Shaw
(Don’t Read) 27% Don’t Know

3. Which of the following should the city do to help save city employee pension funds?

1% Raise property taxes
25% Tax suburbanites who work in the city
25% Impose a tax on LaSalle Street exchanges
21% Impose a city income tax
(Don’t Read) 13% Other _____________________
(Don’t Read) 15% Don’t Know

4. Is Rahm Emanuel doing a better job running the city than Richard M. Daley did??

18% Yes
51% No
(Don’t Read) 25% About the same
(Don’t Read) 6% Don’t Know

5. Should the Chicago Public Schools system spend $60 million on a new selective
enrollment high school on the North Side named after President Barack Obama or spend
the money on something else??

23% Build school
70% Spend the money on something else
(Don’t Read) 7% Don’t Know

6. Regarding crime and violence, do you feel safe in the city of Chicago?
51% Yes
44% No
(Don’t Read) 5% Don’t Know

7.In which age category are you 5% 18-30 22% 31-45 35% 46-60 38% 60+

8. Are you classified as: 48% Caucasian 34% African American 12% Hispanic
6% Others

9. Do you consider yourself a: 77% Democrat 16% Independent 7% Republican

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