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Key Final Use of English

Key Final Use of English

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Published by: Ana on May 11, 2014
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21. I’m really looking forward to going to the theatre
22. She’s having the windows mended
23. It’s no t as good as I thought/had thought
24. She asked us not to be late
25. I wish I had remembered your birthday
26. He asked us not to make so much noise
27. The children stayed up because it was Friday
28. This is the most interesting book I have ever read
29. When do you have to wear a uniform?
30. You should take some exercise
31. We weren’t told the answer
32. I haven’t’ visited London for 15 years
33. She asked what time my party started
34. Do you mind closing the door when you leave?
35. Since the tickets were much cheaper, we bought
them on the web
36. Despite being 70, he continued to cycle to work
every day
37. Sharon’s mother recommended going out in the
38. The fireman was able to rescue the child…
39. The suspects are not obliged to say anything
40. How old is your grandfather?
41. Tim asked his mother if he could go to the disco
42. Although the questions were difficult, she got high
marks in the exam
43. You needn’t make your bed
44. We will be told the news tomorrow night
45. If I earned much money, I would buy a new car
46. James Bond is the most famous fictional secret
47. I didn’t like the village that I visited yesterday
48. He can play golf
49. I haven’t visited Russia for ages
50. You will have your hair cut tomorrow
51. How often does he visit his parents?
52. These letters should be posted
53. Mary wished she hadn’t eaten so many cakes
54. I didn’t remember to phone Lisa on her birthday
55. I wish I had more free time
56. It’s been a year since I met that famous writer
57. The teacher asked us not to speak so loud
58. As we don’t have enough money, we won’t buy
that house
59. You will be fascinated by London
60. He told them he didn’t know
61. If she wasn’t so busy, she could come to the party
62. Your friend may call you on your birthday
63. I wasn’t told the secret
64. They must be at home
65. If I hadn’t forgotten her phone number, I would
have invited Beth
66. Shakespeare, who wrote beautiful poems, was a
famous writer
67. The dog woke up because someone knocked on
the door
68. Do you mind posting this letter for me?
69. Unless you review your notes tonight, you won’t
do well tomorrow
70. They asked him how much he had put into the
71. What time does the next plane leave?
72. Gerard’s drawing is better than Albert’s
73. Michael suggested playing computer games
74. She asked him if he was coming to the party the
following Friday
75. They have lived in New York for two years
76. This is the ring that they didn’t pay for
77. We have been given a Roald Dahl novel
78. It’s two months since she last phoned her mother
79. You mustn’t smoke in this room
80. If I had known it was you, I would have opened the
81. This tree is said to be over 400 years old
82. She hasn’t written a poem for 4 years
83. Smoking is forbidden here
84. I wonder where my keys are
85. She is going to have her car repaired next week
86. Tim asked me what time the banks closed that day
87. Sharon stopped eating junk food last May
88. She may not be his girlfriend
89. He is considered to be an expert on cricket
90. He begged us not to shoot
91. It is not easy to learn English
92. You are not allowed to have a bicycle
93. Who lives next door?
94. I would like to have been invited
95. She sent off an application form because she
needed a job
96. Although she is beautiful, she doesn’t have a
97. She must be telling lies
98. The window has been broken by the teenager
99. I started to play the piano twenty years ago
100. Could you tell me where the nearest cinema is
101. You needn’t have stopped
102. Joe is known to be going out with Sandra
103. The shark would have attacked me if I hadn’t be
104. I wish I hadn’t been rude to my mother
105. You should do this exercise
106. What about taking the 10.15 train?
107. She wore a scarf in order not to catch a cold
108. The case was too heavy for him to lift
109. I’d rather you didn’t smoke
110. She denied having broken the plate
111. She refused to answer my questions
112. She apologized for not having arrived on time
113. The vegetables can’t have been fresh
114. They may have missed the bus
115. My mother reminded me to ring my granny
116. The inspector accused Jones of having killed her
117. Bill suggested that we should go to the cinema
118. He may not have understood what he had to do
119. Because of his illness he wasn’t able to take part
120. If I were you I’d take your dog to the vet
121. He is too young to vote
122. She’s likely to arrive late
123. Would you mind filling in this form?
124. They used chemicals in order to kill the insects
125. Although it may seem unlikely, I’m telling the
126. We don’t remember a colder winter
127. The doctor asked if there had been an outbreak
of cholera the previous year
128. Do we have to vote?
129. You needn’t have bought a new one
130. She has the best voice I’ve ever heard
131. They may not have realized he was drowning
132. Mending the road took the men a month
133. My sister could play tennis very well when she
was young
134. Unless you wear a jacket, you can´t go into that
135. We couldn’t get the tickets for the concert
136. People say nobody can run faster than him
137. Paul’s the boy who won the first prize in the
138. The clothes that he was wearing were old and
139. Not only did she win the lottery but also the pools
140. The thieves were said to have got away with 5000
141. Please, stop asking so many questions
142. Chris speaks Spanish very fluently
143. He drives more carefully than I do
144. The shop-assistant who I spoke to was very polite
145. We spent all morning working hard in the garden
146. It took me half an hour to walk to the station
147. The house where I was born is not far from here
148. The office ordered not to shout
149. He said he preferred not playing the following
150. The rent has to be paid by the end of the month.

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