Mandatory use of inverter air conditioning in government offices pushed

Parañaque City Rep. Eric Olivarez has moved to require all government agencies to
use inverter air conditioners and refrigerators to lessen electricity consumption.
Olivarez, vice chairman of the House Committee on etro anila !evelopment,
filed House "ill #$$% to &e 'no(n as the )nverter *ct of %+,% pursuant to -ection ,%,
*rticle .)/ of the Constitution, (hich mandates the -tate to promote and adapt
technology from all sources for national &enefit.
Citing studies, Olivarez said the use of inverter air conditioners and refrigerators is
gaining popularity &ecause these are more &eneficial than non0inverters.
Olivarez said the inverter air conditioners save energy up to $+1 &ecause these
reach the set temperature quic'er. 2hey are also po(erful, comforta&le and environment
friendly, Olivarez added.
3)nverter air conditioning is more e4pensive than the non0inverter, &ut its energy
cost is only appro4imately ,%p per 'ilo(att hour, (hich in the long term (ill &e more
economical to the consumers,5 Olivarez said.
6nder the proposed measure, government officers shall &e required to replace their
non0inverter air conditioning unit and refrigeration system (ith inverter type.
2he !epartment of Energy shall issue the necessary rules and regulations to
implement the provisions of the proposed act. 7#+8 mrs
NR # 3463B
MAY 11, 2014

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