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Eiin Ell

Final Pioject
E-Leaining Pioject
!"#$%& ()*&:

This online couise, !!" $%&%'() *+,%&+%, is a stanuaius-baseu class that auuiesses the
geneial science topics coveieu in the miuule school level. The mouules in this couise focus
piimaiily on Eaith anu Physical science, which aie two main uomains listeu by the !%-.
$%&%'(.,/& *+,%&+% *.(&0('01. The specific uesign anu puipose foi this couise was to aiu in
biiuging the gap foi 8
giaueis, at Nellie Coffman Niuule School (NNC), who have eithei
faileu theii science class in pievious giaues anuoi aie not finuing success in a tiauitional
classioom uue to behavioi issues (incluuing attenuance). The content within the mouules
was intentionally selecteu to emphasize the key piinciples within each of the uomains (heat
anu uensitybuoyancy). The assumptions of the leaineis within this couise aie the
Aie pioficient in the basic use of computeis (uploauinguownloauing file types,
typing, navigating Inteinet, scieen shots, etc.)
Pioficiency in the use of peisonal-uistiict issueu uoogle Biive anu uaggle accounts
Access to Inteinet anu a uevice (computei, tablet, etc.) with auuio anu viueo cameia
to use foi confeiencing (online meets, also iefeiieu to as Class-Neets in this couise)
Exposuie to the concepts being taught thiough this couise in pievious yeais
Limiteu expeiience with an online couise
Exposuie to use of lab simulations

!"#$%& +",-% ,./ 012&3*)4&%
The majoiity of tasks within the mouules have essential questions to help stuuents
keep a fiame of iefeience foi completing the objectives. The goal foi the stait of this couise
is to familiaiize stuuents with the use of online tools anu covei the main piinciples of heat
anu piopeities of mattei.

0bjectives foi Nouules
Feel confiuent in navigating this online couise, ueneial Science
Iuentify impoitant featuies of this online couise, ueneial Science
Cieate a Public Seivice Announcement (PSA) that showcases youi unueistanuing of
inteinet safety, netiquette, uigital citizenship anuoi communication using
Compaie a list of team noims that aie of a high value anu iuentify the tienus
Beteimine the chaiacteiistics of what makes a "goou" gioup membei
0se CLASS-NEET to communicate anu collaboiate with peeis anu teachei
Explain the uiffeience between heat anu tempeiatuie
Explain anu uiffeientiate how eneigy can be tiansfeiieu fiom one place to anothei
List the fiist anu seconu laws of theimouynamics
Explain anu uiffeientiate how eneigy can be tiansfeiieu fiom one place to anothei
List the fiist anu seconu laws of theimouynamics
Recite facts about the uiffeience between mass anu weight
Iuentify key chaiacteiistics of the piopeities of mattei
Biffeientiate whethei an object will float oi sink to stuuents who know the basic
concepts of piopeities of mattei
Teach how to calculate the uensity of substances (iegulai anu iiiegulai solius anu
liquius) fiom measuiements of mass anu volume to stuuents who know how to
compute simple equations with a vaiiable.
Classify types of buoyancy with an unueistanuing of mass anu weight

56(076 53*)4)*)&%
Coinell Notes
BiainP0P viueo

80 53*)4)*)&%
Synthesis Notes fiom Book
Quizlet Activities (matching)
Collaboiative uoogle Spieausheets anu Bocuments
Tutoiial 0sing 0nline Couise- viueo
Lab }ouinal Activities
Bistinguish Conuuction, Rauiation & Convection PoweiPoint
Lab Simulations
Piopeities of Nattei Tiee Nap
Calculating Bensity

!099:!; 53*)4)*)&%
Biscussion Posts
Cieate Public Seivice Announcement
Lab Simulation

<.)=#& >&,*#$& "? !"#$%&
A unique featuie within my couise is the visual cueing symbols I embeuueu to help
leaineis iemembei to paiticipate in ceitain activities. The below mouth symbol is a cue to a
gioup uiscussion that is iequiieu within that task.

8&4&-"@A&.* "? B,*&$),-
Ny uiiving focus foi the uesign of my online couise was content anu ueliveiing as an
inquiiy methou. Intiouuctoiy science is a challenging couise to teach online by auheiing to
this piinciple of inquiiy because it iequiies a ton of scaffoluing that is maue fiom a
collection of stuuent obseivations anu theii uiscoveiies. I spoke with othei NNC euucatois
who teach this content in tiauitional classiooms anu ieceiveu feeuback of concepts that aie
bettei suiteu foi instiuction that is face-to-face oi best miiiois a tiauitional classioom.
Theii expeiience is ieflecteu in me cieating Class-Neet Sessions weekly foi my online
couise. The National Science Stanuaius also weie impoitant in ueteimining the objectives.
I couise mappeu acioss the miuule school giaues to iuentify themes, key founuational
content anu skillsets that woulu be iequiieu foi stuuents to have masteieu oi have basic
unueistanuing to bettei giasp latei science topics taught in high school.

The fiist mouule on using the couise was cieateu to ensuie that stuuents woulu
have confiuence in the expectations of how to be an online leainei anu the specifics to this
couise, so the focus is on the content. Anothei factoi of uevelopment foi this couise was
the puiposeu use of this couise- the goal anu my taiget auuience. With this saiu, the
inteiface is simple anu easy to follow foi leaineis to complete activities in a sequential
foimat. The consistency within the couise also helps leaineis to focus on content moie so
than the function of an online couise.

B,*&$),- 8&4&-"@&/
I uevelopeu the lesson content foi each task to ieflect the taigeteu neeus of the
leaineis baseu on the most common misunueistanuings within the topic. viueos that I
maue weie puiposeu to walk leaineis thiough lab uemos, teach foimulas anu auu peisonal
connection. These weie maue thiough the application ShowNe anu with iNovie. To help
leaineis uistinguish between examples anu non-examples of specific components within a
concept (i.e., heat tiansfei), I cieateu PoweiPoints. Also, to help leaineis absoib
infoimation, I cieateu uiill anu piactice type of activities using Quizlet.

C$"3&%% "? 8&%)D.
The steps I took to uesign the couise aie as follows:
1. Suivey neeus foi a couise
2. Communicate with expeits of knowleuge of content
S. Wiite objectives
4. Cieate Test
S. Nake Tasks with "Intio0veiview" "I B0" "WE B0" "Y00 B0" "ASSESSNENT"
6. Builu
7. Test Besign on taiget auuience
8. Nake Aujustments as necessaiy baseu on feeuback

The uevelopment of this online couise was a fiustiating expeiience foi me as it
maue it even moie appaient my lack of piogiamming skills anu my neeu to bettei sift
thiough the plethoia of euucational technology tools (such as authoiing tools anu
platfoims). As a cieative anu uetaileu oiienteu peison, it was uisheaitening that my couise
mappingplanning uiu not tianslate in the way I hau envisioneu. Ny uesign was moie
sophisticateu than what I coulu peisonally cieate myself, especially within the timefiame.
As a iesult, I utilizeu the woik of otheis in my couise ieuucing its oiiginality. This is a
limitation anu neeu foi impiovement.

The platfoim useu, euucational wiki, uiu not suffice foi an online couise. Even
though I uesigneu it to be useu in conjunction with uoogle Biive anu uaggle, using anothei
platfoim as a leaining management system woulu uiastically impiove the functionality anu
visual appeal of the couise. Baiku woulu have been a bettei option. 0thei aieas foi
impiovement woulu be moie vaiiety within the authoiing tools useu to cieate leaining
activities as well as a moie explicit syllabus. Also, allowing foi moie leainei contiol within
piesentations coulu be auueu; theie was a lack of augmentation featuies anu task
completion bais. I neeueu to be moie sensitive in my uesign to leaineis with uisabilities
anu give auuitional options to ieceive instiuction.

:4,-#,*)". "? C$"2&3*
To help impiove the oveiall functionality of my viitual classioom, I hau NNC stuuent
useis give me feeuback aftei completing a task of choice within one of the mouules. I
eliciteu stuuent feeuback to incluue opinions on the claiity of the uiiections anu navigation
featuies offeieu. Nany stuuents felt that the some of the tasks weie time consuming,
especially foi what typically is an "houi" class. This infoimation was consiueieu anu I
ieuuceu some of the woik within the tasks. Auuitional feeuback was collecteu fiom peeis in
the S7u class to auu auuitional components (agenua foi class-meet sessions anu linking of
pages to bettei impiove navigation).

This pioject gave me insight to the time anu uifficulty it takes to make an effective
online couise anu as a iesult soliuifieu my assumption foi the piocess to be collaboiative
among a team of uesigneis. Nany of my iueas, soiting thiough activity types anu cleai
wiitten objectives iesulteu in outsiue communication with my peeis. These conveisations
exposeu new iesouices anu helpeu me to think of multiple avenues foi instiuction wheieas
the textbook was my souice of founuational knowleuge. Basically, 234%('&,&5 67 8%1,5&
was extiemely helpful in unueistanuing concepts of uesign uue to the fiank wiiting.
Activities filleu in the gap foi applications that might otheiwise be missing in the textbook.
The main things that I took away fiom this pioject weie the following:
Bow to wiite moie cleai intentional objectives foi online couise woik by making
them into actions. the tiauitional "stuuents knows" uoes not explain how to ieach a
leaining taiget
Beteimining uiffeient types of authoiing tools anu which ones make sense foi me in
the cieation of couisewoik- (my favoiite PowToon, flipbook, Baiku)
Techniques foi wiiting tests anu quizzes- this poition of the class was extiemely
helpful anu maue me ieevaluate my cuiient piactices in wiiting test. I walkeu away
with moie confiuence anu scope in this skillset as an euucatoi (loveu the teims pick
multiple anu pick one in place of multiple choice)
Affiimeu many constiuctivist piactices I know anu use, specifically in the "I Bo," "We
Bo" anu "You Bo" stiuctuie of lessons- scaffoluing is still neeueu in online
couisewoik anu shoulu be built-in within a uesign