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Read This - 4-h Gps Kit Info

Read This - 4-h Gps Kit Info

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Published by: runneals on Nov 10, 2009
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May, 2007 To: Va 4-H GPS Kit Coordinators From: Mike Clifford

The May 2007 “Virginia 4-H GPS Curriculum Update” CD contains a wealth of information, some of which you may have seen before, and some of which is brand new stuff. Please take a good look at it. One of the new items is the GPS KIT USER REPORT. We’ve never had a process in place to gather usage data about the kits. This is really needed for our funding requests, along with any impact statements that can be can provided. Please ask all borrowers of your district kit to submit this brief report when they return the kit to you. Please periodically send me copies so that I can compile the info for our funding reports and future requests. The Garmin MapSource US TOPO software has a variety of uses. The 3 CD’s cover the entire USA and can transfer, manipulate, and store waypoints, tracks, and routes from your GPS receivers. Although the yellow eTrex units don’t have the map loading capability, you can actually load groups of maps from this software into the blue eTex Legends (each Extension office is supposed to have one). All of these transfers are accomplished using the eTrex-9pin serial port PC connector cord that should be in your kit – if it is missing, please let me know. A new feature of the MapSource software is the ability to link directly to Google aerial & satellite photos and display & print your GPS waypoints/tracks/routes on the photos. You might need to install the latest software updates and patch, which I’ve included on the Va curriculum CD. You’ll also see info on how to perform a full-install of the US TOPO software if you so choose (so you can pull up the Garmin maps without having to load the topo CD’s each time). Another new kit item is the Garmin eTrex and eTrex Summit Instructional DVD (Summit is a slightly more advanced eTrex with an electronic compass). Later this summer, copies of the national 4-H geospatial curriculum CD “Exploring Spaces, Going Places” should arrive. We’ll have a copy for each kit, plus additional copies that can be ordered through Extension distribution. It covers both GIS and GPS technologies. The GPS portion is based on our Virginia curriculum (I was on the design team).
************************** Michael J. Clifford Senior Extension Agent Emeritus (Latin for 'Older than Dirt') Virginia Cooperative Extension - Virginia Tech Home: Frog Holler' 11131 Amelia Springs Road Jetersville, VA 23083 Phone: 804.561.5411 Cell: 804.615.5411 mjc4h@vt.edu -or- frogholler@hughes.net http://www.ext.vt.edu/resources/4h/environment/gpsgis.html ****************************

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