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Community English Program (CEP)

Level: Intermediate 1 (I1)
Teachers College, Columbia University
Spring 2014

Youngsoo Song

Jasmin Zhang
Class Time and Dates: Feb. 10 April. 24
Mon, Wed, Thurs
7:00 9:00pm

Location: Horace Mann 140

About the CEP
The Community English (or Language) Program is a unique and integral part of the TESOL and
Applied Linguistics Programs at Teachers College, Columbia University. It provides English as a
second language to adult learners of diverse nationalities and backgrounds. In addition, the
CEP/CLP serves as an on-site language education lab in which TESOL and Applied Linguistics
faculty and students enrolled in the programs teach the courses and use the CEP/CLP as a setting
for empirical inquiry. Here at Teachers College we believe that observation and classroom
research are the best way to learn about how we teach and gain insights into how teaching might
take place. Thus, we encourage observation and classroom research and want people to use it as
a tool for learning.

Course Description
Intermediate 1 is an integrated skills course that will help students improve their English
speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills through a variety of individual, pair, and group
activities. Activities will reflect authentic and meaningful experiences that will promote
communicative skills in real world settings.

Course Goals
The goal of the course is to help students develop their English proficiency by covering units 1
through 4 of the On Target 1 textbook. Students will have opportunities to employ various skills
in in-class activities. To maximize students opportunities to speak in class, lessons will be
taught through a communicative approach rather than lecture-style.


Course Objectives
Students will be able to:
a) Develop a broad range of skills for using the English language
b) Increase their vocabulary usage
c) Improve speaking and listening skills
d) Acquire reading and writing strategies

Course Materials
Purpura, J. & Pinkley, D. (2000). On Target 1, Second Edition (Textbook).

Purpura, J. & Pinkley, D. (2000). On Target 1, Second Edition (Workbook).

*course materials are available for purchase at the Columbia University bookstore:
2922 Broadway New York, NY (near 115
st. and Broadway)

Course Requirements
Attendance Classes will begin at 7:00pm, please come to class on time! Students who miss
five (5) or more classes will automatically fail the course. Students who are late for ten (10)
classes cannot pass the course.
Participation Please come to class prepared. Please be ready to participate in the in-class
discussions and activities. Students are encouraged to avoid depending on their native language
in class and maximize their English usage. Be respectful and supportive of your classmates.
Unit Tests Students will take 3 unit tests throughout the course. Beginning in Week 3, students
will be given a weekly unit test that will cover the previous weeks lessons. All tests will include
reading, writing, listening, speaking, and grammar components.
Final exam The final exam will be given on April 23, Wednesday and will cover all 4 units
(Units 1, 2, 3, and 4).


Other Policies
Smoking Smoking is NOT permitted in any building in the City University of New York

Laptops & iPads Usage Please do not use laptops or iPads in the classroom, unless instructed.

Cell Phone Usage Please do not use cell phones in the classroom (texting and talking). If you
need to be contacted due to family obligations, please turn the phone to vibrate or to silent.

Classroom Guests This class is intended to help students reach a higher fluency in English; so,
no guests will be allowed in the classroom.

Academic Ethics Please hand in your own work. This means no copying or taking other
peoples work without proper attribution of the original author.

Grading Breakdown
Unit tests: 15% each (45% total) Participation: 10%
Final exam: 30% Homework Assignments: 15%

Excellent Good Satisfactory (pass) Poor (no pass)
97 100 A+ 87 89 B+ 77 79 C+ 69 and below Fail/Repeat
94 96 A 84 86 B 74 76 C 63 66 D
90 93 A- 80 83 B- 70 73 C- 60 62 D-
*W (Withdrawal) With the permission of both the teacher and the Assistant Director, the
student withdrew from the course due to extenuating circumstances.

Important Dates
February 10 Monday First day of CEP classes
February 14 Friday Last day for refunds and transfers
March 17 21 Monday, Wednesday Thursday Spring Break (NO CEP classes)
April 23 Wednesday Final Exam

CEP Office Contact
Office: 46E Horace Mann Hall
Office Hours: Mondays, Wednesday, Thursdays: 9:00am 9:30 pm
Tuesdays, Fridays: 10:00am 4:00pm
Email: Phone: 212-678-3097 (campus extension: 3097)


Tentative Schedule
Monday Wednesday Thursday
Week 1 Feb 10 Feb 12 Feb 13
Introduction Unit 1 Unit 1
Week 2 Feb 17 Feb 19 Feb 20
Unit 1 Unit 1 Unit 1
Week 3 Feb 24 Feb 26 Feb 27
Review Unit 1 Test

Unit Test #1
Unit 2
Unit 2
Week 4 March 3 March 5 March 6
Unit 2 Unit 2 Unit 2
Week 5

March 10 March 12 March 13
Unit 2 Review Unit 2 Test Unit Test #2
Unit 3
Week 6 March 17 March 19 March 20
Week 7 March 24 March 26 March 27
Unit 3 Unit 3 Unit 3
Week 8

March 31 April 2 April 3
Unit 3 Unit 3 Review Unit 3 Test
Week 9 April 7 April 9 April 10
Unit Test #3
Unit 4
Unit 4 Unit 4
Week 10 April 14 April 16 April 17
Unit 4 Unit 4 Unit 4
Week 11 April 21 April 23 April 24
Final Exam Review Final Exam Last Day/Potluck