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Lesson Plan Format

Class: 8B Date: 8 April 2014 Time: Start: 11:00 am Total: 45 minutes

Finish: 11:45 am
Key Learning Area: Design and Technology Lesson Topic: Design concepts: identiies and communicates!
Recent Prior Experience (specific relevant concepts, skills and values the school students have experienced prior to this lesson):
Students ha"e #een studying inluential designs o early 2000$s! They are amiliar %ith the structure o the design process!
Syllabus Outcomes!:
One or two only. Please note the syllabus
reference number A! write out in full.
" Concepts an# Processes $%&%&:
'dentiies and descri#es a range o design
concepts and processes!
" Communicating i#eas an# processes
&ommunicates design ideas and solutions
using a range o techni'ues!
'n#icators o) Learning )or t*is lesson:
"ehaviours that contribute toward achievement of outcome(s).
#uote syllabus numbers. $ust be clear, specific, observable.
%urriculum %ontent &trands may be used as headin's.
"y the end of this lesson, the students will:
" At the end o the lesson Ss %ill #e a#le to deine (ey design
) At the end o this lesson* the Ss %ill #e a#le to demonstrate
their understanding o the de"elopment stages o design

) At the end o the lesson students %ill #e a#le to communicate
ideas through graphical and %ritten techni'ues!
&trate'ies which will be used to assess
learners( attainment of learnin' outcomes.
&hould be linked to each learnin' indicator.
)Ss %ill complete acti"ity sheets deining (ey
design concepts!
) Ss %ill complete a cut and paste acti"ity
organi+ing the design process in their #oo(s!
) Ss %ill dra% out an inluential design studied
in class and la#el (ey design eatures!
Any sa)ety issues to be consi#ere#: Resources:
)ist resources you used in preparin' the lesson A! those used in the lesson implementation.
Board o Studies ,S- .200/0 Design and Technology 1ears 2)10: Sylla#us! Sydney: B3S!
&opies .1 per student0 o deinitions sheet
&opies .1 per student0 o cut and paste Design 4rocess sheet
Ss Design and Technology %or(#oo( pens and glue!
56tra e% glue stic(s incase not enough Ss ha"e their o%n!
Scissors incase Ss don$t ha"e their o%n!
4osters o inluential designs ha"ing #een studied in class!
Lesson Content . 'n#icators o) Learning
What is Taug*t!:
ote key skills, concepts and values
addressed in each section. )ink to your
*ndicators of )earnin'.
Teac*ing Strategies . Learning Experiences:
How it is taug*t!
+rite detailed steps showin' what the teacher (,) will do
and what students (&s) will do.
Resources an# Organisation:
Re/ie0 #esign concepts an# processes%
,.-hat is design7
A.A plan or production ocusing on the
unction o an unmade o#8ect or item!
,.-hat is the purpose o design7
A.To come up %ith ne% inno"ati"e ideas to
help our %ay o lie!
,.-hy do %e ollo% a process in design7
A.To thoroughly in"estigate a pro#lem and
determine appropriate solutions!
10 minutes
T as(s Ss to get their design 9 technology %or(
#oo(s and pencil cases and 'uietly stand #ehind
their seats!
T greets Ss : 4raise good Ss #eha"ior! ;se eye
contact and names i necessary!
T e6plains to Ss the outline o the lesson : that
they %ill #e completing / acti"ities
T as(s 's a#out design concepts!
T as(s Ss #y name to respond!
T reminds students to raise their hand to ans%er
the 's!
Deinitions sheet o design
concepts or Ss to ill in!
&ut and paste sheet
ocusing on design process
or Ss to glue into their
,!B: ,ote to sel: ma(e sure all
posters on the %all deining these
concepts or processes are ta(en
do%n or co"ered!
De)ining terms an# #emonstrating an
un#erstan#ing o) a range o) #esign
10 minutes
.11:10 :
T hands out the t%o acti"ity sheets to #e passed
around the Ss* T ma(es sure all students ha"e
#oth sheets #eore continuing!
T tells Ss the irst sheet is to #e completed under
test conditions* no tal(ing or loo(ing at others
Deinitions sheet o design
Assess students
understanding #y mar(ing
'#enti)ies t*e sections an# or#er o) t*e
#esign Process " t*e problem3
in)ormation3 synt*esis3 researc*3
solutions3 c*oices an# e/aluation%
,. -ho can tell me ho% many steps are in
the design process7
A. Se"en!
,. -ho remem#ers the irst step in the
design process7
A. <dentiying the pro#lem!
'#enti)y an# #emonstrate a range o)
communication i#eas an# tec*ni4ues%
,.-hat are three design presentation
A.=isual* graphic* %ritten!
,.-hy do designers use a com#ination o
communication techni'ues7
A.To help demonstrate the a#ilities and
aesthetics o the design!
10 >inutes
.11:20 : 11:/0
10 >inutes
.11:/0 : 11:40
T praises students or ta#les %hich are %or(ing
T %al(s around the room to ma(e sure Ss are
%or(ing appropriately* uses pro6imity and names
i needed!
T collects the irst acti"ity : deinitions sheet o
design concepts!
T as(s 'uestions to remind students o the
design process!
T oers 1 Ss rom each ta#le %ith the
responsi#ility to come and collect any glue or
scissors the ta#le re'uires!
T instructs Ss to complete the cut and paste
T reminds Ss this is indi"idual %or( and there is
to #e minimal chatter!
T (eeps an eye on Ss #eha"ior and %al(s
around the room to remind Ss o their presence!
T mo"es to assist Ss %ho loo( li(e they are
ha"ing diiculty %ith the acti"ity!
T praises Ss or ta#les that are %or(ing 'uietly
and eiciently!
T as(s Ss 'uestions ocusing on communication
ideas and techni'ues!
T instructs Ss to dra% out one o the inluential
designs they ha"e #een studying* using a "ariety
o communication techni'ues!
T instructs Ss there is to #e minimal chatter
during the e6ercise and only to those on your
T %al(s around the room to chec( Ss understand
the tas( : chec(s on Ss %ho loo( li(e they are
ha"ing diiculty!
T uses presence* eye contact and names to
maintain Ss #eha"ior!
Scissors or Ss %ithout any
56tra ?lue stic(s or ta#les
%ithout enough glue stic(s
Ss understanding o the
design process %ill #e
assessed in %ee(ly
collection o Ss #oo(s!
Ss a#ility to use graphical
and %ritten communication
s(ills %ill #e assessed in
%ee(ly collection o #oo(s!
4osters o inluential
designs either hung up
%here e"eryone can "ie%
them or handed out to each
,. -ho can tell me one o the steps in the
design processes and %hat it entails7
A.Solutions* this step com#ines your
understanding o the pro#lem %ith the
research you ha"e conducted to come up
%ith possi#le ans%ers
,. -hat is the purpose o the design
A. To thoroughly in"estigate a pro#lem and
determine appropriate solutions!
5 minutes
.11:40 : 11:45
T instructs all Ss to clean up any ru##ish they
ha"e made in the process o the cut and paste
T instructs Ss to return the glue stic(s and
scissors #ac( to the T des(!
Ss pac( a%ay their materials and stand #ehind
their seats!
T as(s Ss some 'uestions to re"ie% the lesson!
T reminds Ss to lea"e their %or(#oo(s #ehind or
T dismisses Ss %hen they are all 'uiet!
&hec( collection o
materials to ma(e sure you
ha"e all scissors and glue
stic(s returned!
.add urther pages as re'uired0