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Title : The school of the future.

Description : Philadelphia school where technology replaces traditional teaching methods.

Company : CNN.
Reporter : Fredricka Withfield.
ummary : !ccording to CNN"s reporter# $Philadelphia is an e%ample of school of the future &ecause
of high technology replaces traditional teaching methods.'
This chool was a result of the partnership &etween the school district of Philadelphia and
(icrosoft# focusing and getting an effecti)e learning of students. tudents who ha)e the
opportunity to study there were chosen &y lottery from west Philadelphia neigh&orhoods
so many kids come from low incomes families* for that reason they are e%cited for that
+pinion : ,n my opinion# that pro-ect is )ery e%citing &ecause permits students from low incomes
to get the &ig opportunity to study with high tech methods at school. , think high tech
will make the education learning more effecti)e in students so , sometimes wonder why
we don"t ha)e that system &ecause , we had# it would &e an easier way to sa)e time which
means knowing more topics.