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Trait 1 = Emerging 2 = Partially Proficient 3 = Proficient 4 = Advanced


Poem follows a common theme.
Writer shows little
understanding of task. Poor or
no effort shown. Writing is hard
to follow.
Most, but not all of the poem follows a
common theme. Writer has a sketchy
idea but little cohesion.
Poem follows a common theme. It is easy
to see where the writer is headed. Simple
themes and ideas. Ideas are on topic.
The poem is clear, focused and
enhanced by details. Poem is
focused. Writer starts to use unique

Writing has few, incoherent or
jumbled ideas. Writing has very
little shape.
Writing does not have a complete
beginning, middle and/or end. Ideas
are fragmented and not sequential.
Title is present and tied to the theme of
the poem. Stanzas are absent or
Writes a simple stanza that is connected to
a common theme. When writing a poem,
there is adequate balance and direction in
relation to the layout of the poem. Poem
has appropriate title and logical
Strong sense of direction and balance.
Pacing feels natural and effective.
Title is original. Writer uses multiple
stanzas with supporting details.

Targets: s2.4, 2.2, 1.6
Writers personality is non-
existent in the work. Voice is
inappropriate for topic or
Weak in personality and style. Voice
is not consistently appropriate to the
topic and purpose.
Writers personality is clear in spots.
Writers style begins to emerge. Voice is
appropriate to topic and purpose.
Writers personality is clear with a
sense of purpose. Reader can easily
identify the style of the writer.
Word Choice

Targets: 2.2, s2.4, 1.6
Limited vocabulary often
repeated. Words are vague and
general. Words often misused
making the paper very difficult
to understand. Only a few poetry
terms were used and used
Words are general and vague so that
they do not create a clear picture.
Some words used incorrectly which
may confuse the reader. Poetry terms
were attempted to be used, but
Words get the message across. Words
could use more imagination. Attempts
new words that dont always fit. Tries to
use explicit words with detail. 5 of 11
poetry terms were used and used correctly!
Writer attempts to use descriptive
words to create images and starts to
use adverbs, colorful verbs, and
adjectives. 6 or more of the poetry
terms were used and used correctly.
Sentence Fluency

Targets: s3.2
Writing has many sentence
fragments. Many
sentences/lines do not make
sense, which makes the paper
hard to understand.
Some sentences do not make sense. All sentences are complete and easy to
understand. Sentences/lines of poetry are
easy to read.
Sentences/lines begin to have
variations in length. Sentences/lines
start to have some rhythm and are
easy to read.
Conventions- GUMPS

Targets: 3.9, 3.8,s 3.5,
s3.4, s3.3, s2.3
Little or no punctuation.
Consistent errors in spelling,
grammar, and punctuation exist.
Punctuation is a struggle, but an
attempt is apparent. Inconsistent verb
tenses. Some errors in using
conjunctions to link multiple sentences
Capitals and ending punctuation are in
place and correct. Writes correctly using
basic grammar principles including parts
of speech and uniform tense. Some errors
may still exist, but the paper is readable.
Simple punctuation is used
accurately, including commas and

S3.5- Use conventions of spelling in writing
S3.4- Use conventions of capitalization in writing.
S3.3- Use conventions of punctuation in writing.
S3.2- Use correct sentence structure in writing.
S2.4- Use a variety of literary devices (figures of speech) to convey meaning.
S2.3- Use the steps of the writing process.
3.9- Practice peer-editing techniques.
3.8- Practice self-editing techniques
2.2- Identify and use terms appropriately (simile, metaphor, end rhyme, personification) and sound devices (alliteration, assonance, consonance)
1.6- Use figurative language.