Participating Schools


PS 1, PS 46, PS 50, PS 57, PS 60, IS 34, IS 75,

Sacred Heart, St. Patrick School

W:attrfU"sl!i' '~rol:ctt

: ~:ubittattou

Barbarif Fisher & , ' ':, ,Rich~rd ,Spiegel , co-directo(s rliom,~~':pe(ry C,HN. Y. lrilem "

KimberlY Da~is.. . ' :

Irene Riveia' Cily·As·schoollnlerps,

Participating Teachers:

Mrs. Susan E. Contino, Mrs. Josephine Capofani, Ms. Maureen Phalen, Mrs. M. Cavallo,

Mrs. Mary Ruff, Mr. Joseph Romano, Mrs. Chaplin, Mrs. Lawless, Ms. Victoria Hallerman,

Mr. Vincent DeFranco, Mrs. Loretta McMillen, Mrs. Sharon Saronson, Ms. Meraglia,

Mrs. Sudberg, Mrs. Lin, Mrs. Diane Sussuma, Mrs. Stephanie MacGregor, Mrs. Linda Chirichella Mrs. Karen Barishman

@ 1992 The Waterways Project 01 Ten Penny Players, Inc.

Support for the Waterways Project is provided by the New York State Council on the Ans, the Olfice 01 Alternative High Schools and Programs, and Gon Edison.

Isbn It 0-934830-51·7


Joseph Murdocca 4

Gene Nunziata 5

Krista Cascalenda 6

Alexandra Campus 7-6

Vincent Joe Marino 9

Jason Catania 10

Ashley Proscia 11

Kimberly Gaeta 12

Ronald Cavallo 13

Anthony Williams 14

Melissa DeLaRue 15-6

Brooke Tiffany Skolnik 17

Adam Lisojo 1 6

Kelly Jackson 19

Malika Hurd 20

Jose Solo 21

Joseph Bass 22

Karl Rivera 23

Margie Elliot! 24

Tiffany Avdala 25

Nicole Haslaba Joseph Panzica Jason Stevenson Jason Bruno Michael Lorenzo Carolyn Brown Christine Brown Raymond Martinez Melissa Salvo Michele Senft Shaun Eger

Erick Goldbe rg Michael Hubbert Christine Le Conler Janna Madeiras Melissa Mauro John Mazzola Carmela Pignatelli Frances Six


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There Are Clouds in the Sky Joseph Murdocca

There are clouds up in the sky Some are low and some are high Clouds are drops of water or ice They make the sky look very nice Some are white and some are gray You can see clouds every day

The Basement Lake Gene Nu nziata

One day on the Fourth of July My dad started to cry

Because the basement wasn't dry And he didn't know why

The water meter fell "off the wall The water was 9 inches tall

The installer had made a mistake, And the basement turned into a lake.



Krista Cascalenda

Rain, rain, rain,

taps gently on the window pane,

In the morning, you can see the dew Growing pretty flowers for me and you The clouds roll by, the thunder claps, Under an umbrella, we wear rain caps, The sun comes out, a rainbow glows, Pretty colors for us it shows.

It is now a sunny day,

We can now go out to play.


After It Rains Alexandra Campus

After it rains, I run outside to see,

How many puddles are left there for me? I jump and I stamp,

I splish and I splash,

I have fun for a while, but it never, never lasts,

Because it seems that as the day goes on, My puddles disappear!

Who takes them?

Where do they go?

A few hours before, they were right, right here.

I asked my mom if she knew Where all the puddles go

She sat me down and read from a book And now I think I know

The sun shines on the ground, and


Heats up the water until it's very warm, Then when it is very hot,

It changes to a gas and water vapor is formed. A little at a time

The puddles evaporate in to the air. Oceans, rivers, lakes and ponds ~ Water evaporates every where.

The vapor travels high up in the sky, Where the air is very cool.

It changes back in to drops of water, Then it follows another rule.

All the drops stick together

to make a great big marshmallow cloud, Then the drops grow heavier

And heavier until more rain starts to fall down, So, my puddles come back

And I can play and splash

And have some fun.

And when they start to disappear again . ., Now I know it is because of the sun!



As the Rain Flows to the Ocean Vincent Joe Marino

As the rain flows to the ocean

I sit by and watch the motion,

As the rain falls from the clouds, I see umbrellas over the crowds.


~ 10-

Oh Frog, Oh frog Jason Catania

Oh frog. oh frog

You live in the pond.

Is it the water

of which you are fond?

Pretty Mermaids Ash ley Proscia

Mermaids live in the sea, They swim around happily,

They're friends with all the little fish, I wonder if they ever wish

That they could be a girl like me And live on land instead of the sea. Mermaids have such pretty hair,

It floats around them everywhere, For just one day I'd like to be

a mermaid living in the sea.



Under the Ocean Kimberly Gaeta

Under the ocean I see mermaids sing, A shark swims by and thinks he's king, A catfish has whiskers as long as he is,

Bubbles come from his mouth and look like fizz! I saw lots of colors and plenty of fish,

Boy! that lobster would look good on my dish!


Water Is Different Ronald Cavallo

Water is wet, this I know.

It comes in rain and it comes in snow. Rain makes the grass grow;

And then my father has to mow! Snow falls down and then it blows.

It makes me cold and freezes my toes.


Treasures of the Sea Anthony Williams

The sea, so deep and wide,

Is like a giant chest with treasures hidden inside.

There are fish red, green, purple, and blue, While, pink, and red corals are hidden there, too.

Stones a billion years old, Waiting to tell the story untold.


Waves Melissa DeLaRue

I love waves

In the ocean so blue. I love waves,

Yes, it's true.

I watch them go by. 1 listen to them roar.

While I sit quietly by the shore.


Our Water Melissa DeLaRue

The water we drink

Is fresh and so clean,

I love drinking water, You know what I mean ~

I like it cause it tastes so good, Well, not really,

I like it cause my mom says I should.



Brooke Tiffany Skolnik

It falls from the sky So clear and wet Drip drop

The sound it makes as it falls to the ground Swisssh

There it is again

Coming out of the faucet. It's everywhere


It's wonderful!



Sharks Adam Lisojo

Sharks! Sharks!

They eat and they eat. They swim with their fins - Not with their feet.

They can hardly see

In the dark dark sea. Sharksl Sharks!

How can it be?

They have to live in

The big dark sea.

Water Kelly Jackson

Water falling down

Gently on the parched ground My favorite sound.



Cool at the Pool Malika Hurd

I look so cute

In my purple and orange bathing suit When I walk the ruffles wiggle

And it makes me giggle

I hurry up and jump right in Because I can't wait to swim The water is so cool

And I'm so cool inside and outside the pool.

Puerto Rico's Beaches Jose Soto

Salty beaches Wind and wave

Whole families cousins and aunts Hot dogs, chuleta, bananas

We climbed a tree to get coconuts My cousin brings the tube,

"When the big wave comes, jump with it!"


Hurry Up and Reel It In Joseph Bass

Hurry up and reel it in,

I think the fish is near, Hurry up and reel it in, Fish know food is there, Hurry up and reel it in,

I saw the line move twice Hurry up and reel it in, Put the fish on ice.


La playa Karl Rivera

Sand as hot as red pepper Sound of Spanish

People black and white Las chicas

Muchas maltas y aguacates Feeling great


What's in the Water Margie Elliott

Some shells ~} some ants
old bells '" ripped pants
little rocks -::~ a brown hat
broken clocks ::;. broken bat
ugly snake .::~ lumps of dirt
bits of cake ~~ a T-shirt
new books :::. couple of cans
old hooks ::~ a rubber band
.. ::~
pair of keys ,'<' Save the water
some dead bees :~. that's an order!
.;; .
. ~:
::~~ -24-

Water Tiffany Avdalas

The bacteria in the water, Makes you want to cry,

If we don't clean it up, We will surely die,

We dump in our toxins, We dump in our waste, It's no wonder our water, Has a funny taste,

We must clean our oceans, We must clean our bays,

If you want tomorrows,

And not just todays.



Ice Cubes Nicole Hastaba

I dropped a tray of ice cubes, They rolled across the floor,

My dog went crazy chasing them, Through the kitchen and out the door.

They flew across the pavement, Under cars and across some leaves, They stopped at the curb,

I picked them up,

They slithered down my sleeves.

Cold, so cold, those little cubes, I tumbled and I shook,

I called my friend across the street, To come and take a look.

The cubes started moving

Down my shirt and past my belt

By the time my friend came over, Those ice cubes, had started to melt.


So the moral of my story is,

When you take ice cubes from the refrigerator, Make sure you always put them back,

So you won't get goose bumps laterl

We Floated Down the River Joseph Panzica

We floated down the river In a water raft

Racing very quickly

In the water as it splashed. Our clothes got wet and soggy And our heads got very groggy When we hit a little loggy

On the river bank.


Don't Pollute the Water Jason Stevenson

Murky water, Acid rain, Floating garbage, Fish in pain.

How can we make our water clean? We will come up with an idea; Nobody wants our water green. Help clean the ocean,

Help clean the sea,

We can do it together;

We can make it be.


Rain! Rain! Rain!

Jason Bruno

When I see rain, It really is a pain,

All day in my house I remain, That really is insane.

From time to time,

I walk from pane to pane ... And to. my dismay,

AliI can see is RAINl RAINI RAIN!

So back to my T. V. I go again,

To see what's on the News at Ten, And listen to the weathermen, Say that it is going to rain again.

Now it's time to go to bed,

And dream of sunshine in my head.

Michael Lorenzo

Water, water everywhere With my eyes I did stare.

Splash, splash get the mop It's flowing over from the top.

Drip, drip get the pail Hurry up, before I fail.

In the future I must think

To shut the faucet in the sink.


AT THE ...

Carolyn Brown

::;:i:: Bubble, bubble,
Crash, ~:::;:
At the beach, .;:~o;. swish,
The waves, .::~::. At the brook,
Crash upon, .• :!' .. Small stepping
The shore. ,',', stones,
:;:::;: Children playing. Lap, lap, :~:~~

At the lake, ,~:~ Drip, drip,

Peaceful and quiet, ::::: At home, Fishermen quietly.:;. Water from the

Catch fish. f:· faucet,

:.w Drips by itself.


Green, Blue Water Christine Brown

Green, blue water Where did you go? I feel lonely,

The tide is so lowl

I searched all morning, Where could you be?

But night has approached, I can see! I can seel


Polluted Raymond Martinez

The oceans are filled with floating debris

While waves bring the dumping of toxins to sea Our sea shores are junk yards for tar and algae Small starfish and jellyfish while trying to flee Are winding up dead in our once clean sea. Instead of the deep blue, we have a gray tone, The oceans are not as once we had known.

Stop throwing your garbage and waste in our seal Start cleaning and working for nice beaches to be.


A Summer's Night Melissa Salvo

The girl is sitting and eating a peach, While the sun is setting on the beach, She's moving the sand with her hand, To the rhythm of the band,

The water makes her feel so cool, She is happy that she's not in school, The waves are breaking at her feet, What a great way to beat the heat.


Dream On ... Or Stop Sleeping Michele Senft

Imagine a world filled with nice clean water As clean as we are after showers.

Imagine a world filled with high waves, Waves that go over our heads.

What a wonderful thought it is

To imagine such things as these.

Imagine the brightly colored fish Swimming in the magnificent warm water Amongst the wonderful seashells.

And a world filled with clear water,

As clear as the sky is blue.

WAKE-UP! It won't happen Unless you start a new life. Don't litter in the waters here Or you won't see those fish.


Keep the water clean

Or you won't see those seashells.

How pleasant it would be

If this weren't only a dream. So dream on

Or wake up.




Where's the Water Shaun Eger

Last night when I had gone to bed, I got up for a drink,

"Take water," I heard mom say, So I headed tor the sink.

What I wanted was a juice box, But I didn't make a peep,

I took my drink of water,

And went right back to sleep.

I wondered what would happen, If the oceans and the streams, All ran out of water,

And then I had a dream.


I went to take a shower, No water would come out, I couldn't flush the toilet, "What is this," I did shout.

I went into the kitchen,

The juice was all gone, too, Since juice is made with water, What was I to do?

I headed for the market, To buy bottled water there,

But there wasn't any to be found, The shelves were all so bare.

Outside the grass had turned to straw, The trees and flowers died,

With no rain to water them,

Everything had fried.



I headed toward the beach to see The ocean crashing down,

But it was dry from end to end, There was not a sound.

The fish didn't move, they didn't swim, They couldn't even breathe,

There was no water for their oxygen, All I could do was leave.

I went back home to have some soup, But much to my surprise,

Soup is made with water,

I lay down and closed my eyes.

I heard a loud alarm ring, And I jumped up out of bed,

I washed up quick and got dressed, "Breakfast time," Mom said.


There was scrambled eggs and bacon, And some toast so nice and brown, And sitting right beside it,

Was some juice to wash it down.

I looked up at the juice box, And stared at it so long,

It just didn't look right, Something was so wrong.

I put the juice box in the fridge, And did just what I oughta,

"No thanks," I said to my mom, "I think I'll have some waterill"


The Aqueous Arena Erick 'Goldberg

As swirling whirlpools transfix one's mind, Poseidon plunges you into a magical time. His world of mystery lies within the deep, Where throngs of wildlife swim and sleep. Ominous sharks scavenge for their prey,

While tropical fish glide through a coral reef bay, The king of the sea, the titanic blue whale, Lashes the waters with his gargantuan tail, Slithering eels illuminate ocean floors,

As huge killer whales bellow stentorian roars, An aquatic realm aloof from the human race, A world exempt from greed and disgrace.


The Snow Michael Hubbert

Winter time the best season of all, I really love it, I have a ball.

A snowball that is, it's round and it's white, And with it you have a snowball fight

With my two brothers I throw the snow, When it comes at us we scream - Oh nol

We toss and we turn with a laughterous glee. I love the snow, but it's a mystery to me. Why is it white; why is it round?

Why in·the world does the snow come down?

The beauty of the snow when it touches the ground, Except when it's windy it blows all around.

To see the snow is a wonderful sight.

It's really hard to sleep at night.

I toss and I turn in my bed all the night, Hoping to wake up to see all the white. The snow is so pretty, I must say.


It shows off its beauty in a wonderful way. The snow is so delicate and so small,

You need so much of it to make a snowball.

My poem is now ended, good bye my dear friend. See you later, when I write again.



A Summer Storm Christina Le Conter

Storm clouds building Waves crashing Raindrops falling Sand castles melting Seagulls fleeing Picnics over

Crowds leaving Beaches empty



I t

The Waves Are Really High Janna Madeiros

The waves are really high Way up in the sky

You can't really See 'em

So people don't believe in 'em


Lake George

Melissa Mauro

Some people like the sea

The pounding of the waves

The saltiness of the water

But the sea is not for me

On our beaches you never see a tree There are shells, but ouchl

They hurt my feet

And a shark ... 1 never want to meet No, the sea is not for mel

I love the calmness of the lake This is my favorite vacation to take

The gentle little ripples from the boats or tug The trees that surround it like a hug

Instead of seagulls in the sky

Para sails float gently by

The sun sparkles on the water so blue I wish I were there now, don't you?


Water Waste ~ A Rap John Mazzola

Walking down the street while going home Around the block is where I must roam When I turned the corner what do I see But an open tire hydrant in front of me,

A waste of water, but no one cares

If every one wastes water - Oh, what a nightmarel Big tall people who think they're cool

Are the kids who tore the cap and broke the rule,

Then me and my friend had an idea

To show them how it feels with no water near. So we shut off the water just for their place

After that happened you should have seen their face,

, I


They couldn't make water balloons to throw Cause their water supply was way too low. Using the toilet became much tougher

In a matter of hours they started to suffer.

Without a shower at the end of the day

They started to stink and their friends ran away. They couldn't wash their hands when they got sticky They started to look and feel pretty icky.

The hot sun burned their bodies inside

So they ran to the pool to jump from way up high. But without water they would hit their heads

And in a matter of seconds they would all be dead,

They came crawling to us on their hands and knees And they said, "Give us back our water, please." We gave it back, and then started to saunter Wishing everyone could realize how we all need




What Is Water?

Carmela Pignatelli

What is water? A lapping shore?

A pounding rainfall?

Or is it something more?

The refreshing cool sensation Of an in ground swimming pool, Or maybe of a fountain

ln a cramped, hot, crowded school, Is it a running faucet?

Or a heavy filled up vase?

Is it a crowded sunny beach Filled with people catching rays? Is it a housing for the mermaids? Or a pond for frogs and toads? Maybe it's a puddle,

Or a carnival dunking booth, Is it a melted ice cube?


Or nourishment for a root?

But if you ask me, "What is water?" And you truly want to know,

I guess I'd have to answer,

"Why, it's simply H20."



Frances Six

When it comes to rain,

Why do people complain?

It helps the grass grow ...

But then they have to mow.

In the fall the storms make the trees shake ...

And then they have to rake.

He is a happy ...

Until he has to carry an umbrella. He knew the rain will soak

As soon as he awoke.

Most days he likes to ride his bike ...

But on a stormy day, he's afraid of a lightning strike.

And you could always make a bet,

When he gets where he's going, he'll be soaking wet.

We all know we can't live without rain

But boy it can be such a pain,

So why do people complain about the rain? Just read the previous refrain.


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