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Participating schools:

IS 24, IS 27, IS 34, IS 49, IS 51, IS 72,

IS 75, St. Patrick School, St. Joseph Hill, St. Sylvester School, Academy of St. Dorothy, Moore Catholic High School, Auxiliary Services for High Schools, Curtis High School, McKee Vocational & Technical High School, New Dorp High School, Port Richmond High School, Staten Island Technical High School

Participating teachers:

Mrs. Nancy Billy, Mr. Alexander Schanzer, Ms. Geralyn McHugh, Mr. S. Donahue,

Ms. Michele Cheser, Ms. Loretta McMillen, Mr. Behr, Mr. Ashkar, Ms. Sedutto,

Mrs. Blumenrich, Mrs. Fran Jorin, Mr. Perazzo, Ms. Hoover (from Poets in the Schools),

Mrs. Carol Lowe, Ms. Andrea DeLuca,

Ms. Margaret Friscia, Miss F. Pettersen, Mrs. Laura Drew-Kelly,

Mrs. Evelyn M. Lacagnino, Marlene Superior.

@ 1992 The Waterways Project of Ten Penny Players,lnc.

Support for the Waterways Project is provided by the New York State Council on the Arts, the OHice of Alternative High Schools and Programs, and Con Edison.

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Michelle Morales John Galizia

Adam Rogoff Elizabeth Newell Shannon M. Miles &

Heather A. Branigan 7 Frank Toti Keith Schron

Stephanie Dickson Jared Aybar

Ellen Evans Hilary Phalen Michael Puleo Allison Simpson Kevin Lederman Kelly Yager

Noel Aronson Michael Leslie Thomas Florio

Gianin Perez 21

Karen Tan 22

Christopher MacNair 23 Kelly Szymanski 24 Matthew Seth Zoppel 25

Nyesha Hinds 26

Angela Trim 27

3 Denise Spinello 28


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Gannon Wallach Steven Schnall Dana Macaluso Jesse Glasgold


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Water ~chelle Morales

Raindrops and dewdrops Teardrops and streams Clouds bursting and popping Imagining dreams

What would the world be like without Streams and rivers

Or maybe

Oceans and lakes Snow and ice

Very dull it would seem Without water I mean.



Surfing John Galizia

While surfing

Along came a fish Jumped on my surfboard And granted me a wish

I fell off my surfboard And'then the fish roared! I landed under a waterfall Playing basketball.



The Dark Sea Adam Rogoff

I stood one night, Looking out at the sea, It was as black,

As black can be.

Sharks, fish, and whales, hide in the sea.

r wonder how many

Were looking back at me.


The Cool Water Elizabeth Newell

The animals look up

They stop their brawling Like tipping a large cup The rain is falling

It comes down in big drops It makes a loud sound

Frogs corne out and they hop Gazelles leap and bound

Then suddenly the deluge stops In minutes the dried up plains

The barren plains have licked their chops and are now flooded with the rains

The cool water through mud rushes The cool water sprouts the seeds The cool water through sand flushes The cool water's done its deed

Is My ~nd Deceiving Me?

Shannon M. Miles and Heather A. Branigan

The waves waved to me,
The fish smiled at me,
The ocean spoke to me,
The seashells sang to me,
The seagulls read a poem to me,
What could this be? I thought and thought Then it dawned on me,

Is my mind deceiving me? Or is it the sea?

I thought again, then thought some more, Until I began to see the shore.

Is my mind deceiving me, Is what I said repetitive?

The tide comes in and dances on the sand, Then we began to see the land,

Waves crashing against the rocks,

And thatrs when our boat docks.


Drip, Drip Frank Toti

Drip, drip,

A leaky faucet drips through the night, Drip, drip,

The little drops go out of sight. Drip, drip,

The sound stays in my mind, Drip, drip,

Sometimes at night sleep is hard to find. Drip, drip,

If I get a wrench to fix it now, Drip, drip,

Never again will I hear that sound, Drip, drip.

Rain and thunder pierce the sky It's time for me to say goodbye I must leave this bench behind

And keep these memories in my mind



Why Is Ice So Slippery?

Keith Schron

Why is ice so slippery?

I think its nature's own kind of trickery. You step on the ice and fall to the ground, Laying there on your back, looking dumbfound, So you get up and try it one more time,

And I guess that's the end of my rhyme.


Take Care of Water Stephanie Dickson

We.. need our water so we can survive.


We need our water for strong healthy lives.

The earth is green, the sky is blue,

water is clear and was made for me and you. The way water sparkles

_ like beautiful diamonds or crystals.

From the water tap

- the way it shines and whistles.

There is drinking water, salt water, mineral water, too.

Many things are made from water, including rain and dew.

So drink some water and swim in it, too. Just take care of water,

and it'll take care of you!


Waves and Ties Chilling Jared Aybar

Waves and tides chilling

Water gives me hives as I watch

the water sway.

Up and down, round and round,

I like to watch the waves and tides Wave good bye as they sneak away

I sit around throwing

Rocks in a wave and watch

the tides bring them away.

That's what waves and tides mean to me, as I play and watch them sink away.


A Talk at the Riverbank Ellen Evans

Hey, beautiful blue, how do you do?

Oh, not very well? But why, please tell.

liThe garbage in me makes me spoil, Not to mention all the oil,

And the fish within are about to rot, My fish are really all I got."

But how can I help to get you clean, When others seem to be so mean.

"You must tell one and all

my problem is severe, Or the next time you come

I won't be here!"


Water Hilary Phalen

There are many kinds of water, Some are frozen, some are not. Some are there temporarily, Some are in a permanent spot.

But no matter what kind of water it is, We couldn't live without it,

For water is part of our every day lives, There's no doubt about it.


The Beauties of Water Michael Puleo

Clear, blue refreshing

Hot, cold impressing.

Fun, swimming, delight Having a water balloon fight. Prisms of light

What a great sight.

Water which takes care of us So don't give it a fuss. Acid rain

What a pain.

Keep it clean

~~d it will gleam.


Water Allison Simpson

Water can be hot or cold,

Sometimes water is bottled and sold. When you are hot and thirsty

and ready to burst, You drink water and it quenches your thirst.

In the water weather You swim in a pool

If you are not swimming You feel like a hot fool Every time I drink it, It refreshes me.


Water Kevin Lederman

Water is a river, a lake, or a stream, It flows with great velocity

and evaporates into steam,

It falls over a cliff known as a waterfall, It is so powerful, it will never stall,

It is like petroleum,

it controls all of our fate It is truly essential,

more than everything we make.


Water Kelly Yager


It flows from here to there, It is found everywhere

It makes some places flood Turning dirt to mud

In some places it is dry It doesn't rain

People die

Water turns to ice and snow

When it melts, all new plants grow


Evaporates to the sky Falls again to land

Thousands of drops splash onto the sand Fills up lakes, and rivers

Makes the sky dark gray

Swirls around in hurricanes

Makes a gloomy day

It makes us cold and wet During a fearsome storm Can be freezing cold

Can also be warm

We drink it, and we waste it Without a second thought

It flows from the sink

Can also be bought

If water wasn't on the earth The land would be dry

The oceans would be craters Everything would die.


Water Noel Aronson


The water is ugly The water is dirty

That's what the water's like where I live Its colors are brown and black

It flows with a powerful force

water's used throughout the world.


The water in Florida's very clear It's brown and ugly where I live

Keeping water clean should be made a resolution I feel bad for the fish that die of pollution Maybe one day the fish will win

The water'll be clean for people to swim.


Water ~chael Leslie

Water, water, everywhere Water from the ground and air Water needed from man to bear Water, water, everywhere.

Water comes in different forms Water comes from different lands Water comes in bits and strands Water, water, everywhere.


The Water Stopped Thomas Florio

Drip, drop, drip drop,

the water just happened to stop!!!!

Saving water is a good thing to do Wasting water is a no-no for you

Vitamins in water are essential in a diet The noise at night should be quiet wasting water shouldn't be done

If you waste water then there'll be none!!


A Stormy Night Gianin Perez

The night was dark and silent. Rain poured down, I wondered, Where does it go? It's simple, It just goes down the

streets and into the sewers.

The rain carne down here, the cold wind froze it, and then it became ice. People walked allover it,

crushing it, making it look like dirty water.

After a while it all became mud. It had to since the dirt under the people's shoes stained the water. Another day in another time,

It will all happen again.


water: The All-Natural Drug Karen Tan

water is a life-long addiction-Clear, refreshing,

It has no side effects,

And one sip can quench your greatest thirst.

It can sustain animal and plant life, Cleanse both your body and soul,

And best of all

It is Calorie-Free-Cholesterol Free-Fat Free-AlI-Natural Inexpensive,

And available to everyone!


Water Christopher MacNair

When I look in the waters blue

I think there's only one thing to do And that's just to jump right in And take a long cooling swim.

Water can be mesmerizing Especially when the sun is rising. And when the sun is at its peak

I fish the waters that are deep.

And if those waters are so kind They will give me peace of mind. If by chance my luck holds true I will catch a mighty blue!


Waves Kelly Szymanski

A wave is like a hand raised above the sea, All the currents pushing against it,

right towards me.

Is a wave alive?

It seems to be.

For it too has feeling just like you and me.

When it rains, the waves show pain, When it snows water flows,

When the sun glistens, all the waves listen A wave is alive, it seems to be,

for it too has feelings just like you and me.


The Water in the Well Matthew Seth Zoppel

Everybody has a dream Some pray

But I wish to my water in the well

Everybody has a story

Some talk to their friends

But I talk to the water in the well

Everybody has a fear
Some keep it to themselves
But I run to the water in the well
Everybody has their own water in the well
Some don't care
But I keep to my water in the well 25

The Wishing Well Nyesha Hinds

A dream is heaven A nightmare's hell

Those dreams may come true At the wishing well

But I went there once

To that famous old well

I looked in it curiously Lost my balance and fell! Now I'm in that deep, dark, frightening pit.

The water surrounds me. I'm drowning in it!

The claws of hell grab me They're pulling me under

Do dreams really come true? I truly do wonder.


What It Is Angela Trim

You can drink it

You can sink in it You can bathe in it You can wish over it You can wash with it

It's beautiful, it's not, it's good,

it's bad, It's cold, it's hot, it's clear, it's not, it's you, it's me, it's supposed to be, for everybody, when we need it,

and we need it every day;

We can't live without it

Everybody likes it, everybody loves it, and if you knew,

you would hate it the way people made it; it's a shame; they should be thrown in jail

for what they did;

but we have to settle for less.


A Change for the Better Denise Spinello

Foggy water

And dying fish None to eat

On our dish Polluted water And floating cans Broken bottles

On the sand Bottled water

Is what we drink Instead of drinking From our sink

If people chip in And lend a hand

There will be no pollution On ocean and land

Clear blue water

Is what you'll see

While sailing down

The flowing sea,

High tides and low tides Splashing whales

Sun tan bathers

And boats with sails The world is changing Before our eyes

But before we say

Our last goodbyes Let's make it better For the kids of today So they can swim

And play all day


The King of the Heavens MOnica ~rchandani

I stand alone amidst the vast green heavens Strolling, wandering, gazing throughout Lost, this dream world has enticed me

into its grip.

Every creature and plant remain in reticence It is clear that only one voice is heard The faint whispers of the brook ...

"Come, come this way, I shall tell you a story," The soft flow has drawn me near

with immense trust

I kneel over, as the calm waves are faintly audible.

It tells me of the past comers into the forest Of the school children venturing through the greenness.

Skipping and hopping about the bright, autumn leaves, Wading in the shallowness of the water.

Of the young, vibrant couple huddled under the big old oak The fragrance of kindled love lingers the air Giggling, laughing, the two express their passion within this secluded land.

The serene brook proudly exists Enlightening me with all it can do It senses the life around it

Yet, possesses a unique life of its own.


I reach down with my hand, slowly scooping up the gentle water Its refreshing coolness pacifies, releasing me from civilization My reflection appears vividly on the surface of the deep blue.

I look over my shoulder

Noticing an apple blossom growing just beyond the bank It gleams with fervor while facing the brook

As to thank it for its present life.

The cascade carries on, making way for a few other visitors The bunny rabbit resting from a busy chase after butterflies, Drinks from the creek, somehow smiling from the relief it feels.

I absorb this picturesque scene Surrounding me in its array of pulchritude Welcoming me and forever inviting me to stay_

I ask, "Oh King of these heavens, how do . you hold such power, Power that can not be found in such

profusion elsewhere?"

It whispers succinctly to me,

"I live within the interior of simplicity.1I Why could not all of life be as pure and



A Sea-Scape Lynn Duffy

I stand upon a pier of stone, well above the shore line.

Stone, piled haphazardly,

man's vague attempt at natural formation.

The water, licking, lapping and reaching for me, doesn't come close;

It recedes,

only to try again.


left by people who would cast their garbage into the sea.

Strewn on the beach, floating,

rocking on the gentle swells of the sea.

A bird lights on a floating log and gives a jolting cry.

A muted horn is heard--

Perhaps it is that of a truck, passing on the distant bridge.

A ship, grey, strong and stolid, inches slowly along the horizon.

A gentle curve, on the sail of a boat, from the breath of air.

Salt and tang from the sea, here with me.


A Beautiful Rainbow Genevieve E. A. Riehle

A cloud of rain, a storm that comes,

The storm blows hard and then it's done, A line of color starts to show

A Beautiful Rainbow

The sun slowly does appear As clouds start to disappear,

The colors are clear, softly they flow A Beautiful Rainbow

These colors how I hope they stay, I hope they don't soon go away, But this will come again I know,

A Beautiful Rainbow


I ...

Mirsade Ardolic

I am the idle brook Mumbling incoherently Those who judge hastily

Delve deep in the shallow end.

I am the copious river Filling your veins with hopeI Adapting your soul to mine

Overfilling you with the sweet scents of temptation.

I am the sagacious ocean

An immense expanse of confusion Deep depths perplex most

Here lies the core they don't understand.

I am a dream.

You can make me, shape me, control me, Make me anything you want,

But you'll always need me.



The Ocean Confrontation Chun hua Zheng

The strong saline smell in the air, The briny taste on your palate,

The bright warm reflections bathing ships and objects above, The gentle waves which once lightly nudged upon its craggy shores Have now mutated into ferocious tides engulfing all in its path, Crushing the smaller waves like dry autumn leaves into useless pulp, Smashing the rocks without the slightest hesitation, on and on, continuously.

Neither do these rocks show any fear, resisting fiercely, budging not the slightest.

The barnacles grab on, hugging the rocks with the greatest of might.

The sounds are of two forces battling

between themselves, Neither losing or winning

And neither willing to give up.

As the minutes pass, this powerful and disturbing force calms Once again becoming the gentle little waves, Once again warming happy ocean-goers. The foam (or blood) of the battle has dissipated.

The rocks are finally left alone to do peace.

What is left behind are the little seagoing creatures, Which were swept up by giant hands.


Slowly, they crawl back to their peaceful world

In the quiet waters of the ocean floor Awaiting the next confrontation of the two omnipotent powers.


I Saw Raindrops on My Window Wendy Huang

I saw raindrops on my window. Joy is like the rain; Laughter runs across my pane Slips away and comes again. Joy is like the rain.

Alone in the forest I sat.

A cool breeze

Carried the scene of the forest And of the lake.

I stood

And watched,

As animals drank hastily. Then, arms stretched

I dove into the cold lake. Underwater

I can see

Fish swimming,

Plants swaying.

I surfaced,

Flipped over,

And watched the sky. Clouds gathered quickly Filling the sky.

The wind blew wildly Shaking trees and bushes. I got out,

Climbed a hill,


And watched

A flash of lightning Quick and brief.


The angry thunder Roaring in my ears, The fierce rain Beating on my face ... And then it's over; Peace returned;

I stood

And walked home.


Beaches Nicole Magnani

The water collapsed upon itself every few minutes, washing away the footprints in the sand. The few shells remaining are left behind on the sand, Waiting for the tide to rise and collect them again.

The sun looks as if it were falling

out of the sky and into the water.

You feel as if you are at the end of the world,

Waiting to falloff the edge.



The Covered Bridge Joshua Brayman

I sit in the covered bridge, Shielded from the wind,

Removed from the outside world.

I sit in the covered bridge,

Alone to think in the center of the forest. I hear the stream rushing below me,

But the sound is wooden walls of the

covered bridge.

I sit in the covered bridge And all is peacefl:1l.

Contentment, silence, and beauty prevail all around, As I sit in the covered bridge.



White Waters Erica Malmsten

The white waters of the land Seemed to have drained dry.

No trickling, sparkling streams, No one seems to know why.

No crystal lakes, clear and pure! No oceans, a shimmering white,

No other landscape shall endure Such an enchanting sight.

All the tides are broken,

Waves will never again ride,

The splash of the amazing white waters, All the beauty had died.


The Rain and I Jillian Fusillo

Looking out of the classroom window, The glass appears to cry.

The heavens release their mournful tears, For someone that has died.

I feel the pain inside my soul, I've felt the same before.

I felt that way as I watched, My father walk out the door.

The rain and I are very close, We're friends now tried and true.

And with the rain I feel the painr And in my tears my heart feels too.


The P J.ayground under the Sea ~chaeJ. Passantino

Water, dirty or clean, we still have fish, clear or blue, they love to swish,

There are whales, sharks, and even lobsters, these are the all time leading mobsters, This is their playground under the sea, let them swim free, free, free.

Waves are a miracle, well, that's my notion, they come from the mystical, magic of the ocean, We have hurricanes, waves, and big tides too, these are the rolleicoasters of the big blue, This is their playground under the sea,

let them play free, . free, free.

Ships sail through this area using their space, fish swim in schools at their own special pace, Boats tour the ocean unwillingly free, leave the fish alone! just let them be, This is their playground under the sea, let them swim - free! free! free!


Is There a World Under the Sea?

Sari Post

IS there a world under the sea?

A world of beauty, how can there not be?

IS it the moon that makes the tides come, Or a serpent 'beating his drum?

How do the waves always flow?

Is there life going on down below?

I believe there's a world below the sand, Where beauty will come with the wave of a hand.

Everything is made of silver and gold. The inhabitants never 'grow old.

When sailing ships sink and drown, They will find this magical town.

When sailors are lost at sea, They are in the world of fantasy.

They will join the mermaids, slide down a cascade, Enjoying the colors of turquoise and jade.

Why have you never seen this world of gleam? It can only be created in a magical dream.


Magic of the Sea Naomi Dovdavany

The downpour began suddenly, not a warning to be heard.

Crashed and pounded and drenched the earth" and soaked the beast and bird.

The saplings were blown as they tried to sop and lap the rain that sogged their tender roots.

The thunder smashed and the lightning flashed while the wind wailed its hoots The ocean thrashed and rammed mighty waves against the shore The land was pummeled with water until it

throbbed with pain and sore The trees and plants, for shelter they lacked, Writhed in anguish, with rain they were racked. When it was allover, when the sun came out

to dry, A single tiny tear trickled from my eye.


Waterfalls Lori Estevez

Waters descending from elevations

Plunging steeply hundreds of meters into a narrow gorge

Form cascades or cataracts

pouring immense volumes of water over their edges.

Raging torrents of melted ice and rain Creating clouds of spray and great roaring noises Dwindle to trickles in dry seasons.

The rolling refreshing rapids

In a series of falls formed by melted glaciers Reflecting different hues of blues and whites

Brush against the eroding rocks Thundering to the bottom of rocky treecovered islands Alluring visitors wanting to behold the sensation To this natural scenic attraction.



Ocean Waves Christopher Ng

The sun spreads its rays over the burning

sandy beach,

As people absorb the light to get a tan, They lie in the heat to take a rest from work, They then cool off in the rushing waves and

swim against the pulling force, The sand cooks and waits for the waves to come in at high tide, Children build sand castles until it becomes dark and the roaring waves destroy it only to be built again, A lifeguard sits alert and ready for a cry from someone who has been pulled out too far into the ocean

by the ferocious pull of the ocean waves.


The Summer Sun Michelle Katz

The summer sun

can be lots of fun

While swimming in the pool,

The soothing water makes you feel really cool The water splashing on my face,

Makes me want to swim in an Olympic race. r enjoy the ride

of the giant waterslide Like a flash of lightning,

Goi,ng down the slide is exciting and

sometimes frightening.

Like a speeding ball,

I zoom and roll with a force like thunder, I fall under,

Water can be a real delight When the temperature is right, A relief from the heat,

Which you sure want to beat.


The Race Lori Genovese

As the sun's reflection bounces off the surface of the sea, the smell of the salty air refreshes me. The angel white clouds combined with the

baby blue sky, forms shapes and figures to the human eye. The summer wind flows through my hair, while soaring seagulls fly in pairs.

The fluttering breeze fills the multi-

colored sails, but, watch out! That boat is on our tail! Hoist the jib and tighten the main.

Speed is what we have to gain.

Hurry up! We're running out of time! Tack the boat towards the finish line!

Let loose the lines and push over the tiller, This race is certainly a very big thriller! Watch out for the boom! Duck down low! Let's get it together and end the show. Don't quit now. We're doing fine.

We're almost at the finish line!

We did it! We did it! We won! We won! Let's do it again! That was fun!


Creatures of the Sea Andrew Choset

Fish, sharks, crabs and rays,

Under the water for years, months, and days. spiny lobsters, coral too,

count them? About one million and two.

The unexplored frontier is dark as night Under the water there's not a speck of light. Hammerhead sharks, moray eels,

You get bitten, you can't guess how it feels! Many a diver has been down there,

Each with his own supply of air. Unfortunately, not all return,

Though human life is lost, we must try to learn. The Titanic, the Bismarck, the Challenger

have sunk, They said they were unsinkable; who woulda


Movies are made, TV shows produced,

About the 'graveyards' where coral roosts. In conclusion, as you must see,

there is much going on - in the deep blue sea.




The Sea Cristelita Naanos

The sea is another world of mysterious ways, The things that I see can hardly be explained. The different fish and plants,

With stripes and dots that seem to dance What would the world be like if there were

no sea Would Columbus have sailed his ships for you and me?

Yet this place of mystery can never be mine It belongs to the world and to time.


The Sea Robyn Pantiel

Old men fishing for sport, Some to feed their family

Children splashing, swimming with the waves, laughing so happily.

Lovers walking the surf,

You could witness how they care

Funny how as they passed their footprints vanished

As if no one was there

The ocean satisfies old men, children, and lovers with its constant tide.

It has soothed many of us,

giving our minds a place to hide.


The Viking Sea Eric Beyer

The sails were raised The rations were stowed

The oars popped out of the vessel The horns blew to warn the sear

The waters so icy, the fjords so still.

To the unknown that lay beyond, To the sea's heart and lair, The waves would lash the ship.

Their axes and swords strengthened by salty depth,

For the undaunted water warrior would be for us allr

The first fight.


Magic of the Sea Gannon Wallach

Where do you find your hopes and dreams? Look to the sea, the mystical wondrous world of blue Where can you see reflections of today ripple into the fantasies of tomorrow? within the mudpuddle, the pool of water providing fun and frolic.

Where do we find the mist of passion and beauty?

The cascading falls of water, nature's corner of heaven ort the earth Water, its f.l u i.dd t y , its grace, its wonder, its power

Water, so much of our world relies on it
for life
Water, so much of our world requires it for
beauty. within the rainbow, the magic droplets turn the colors of the spectrum to joy As spring showers the earth's gardens, our world blossoms and blooms And within the morning mist and dew

we greet the arrival of a new dawn Through the droplets of water, dreams,

and hope.


Bubbly Soda Water Steven Schnall

The bubbles fizz like a thunderstorm, popping at the surface,

They wizz, and sizzle all around without

a purpose.

They whirl, they fling, they crack and zoom, Sometimes they pop so loud, you hear a boom. They travel wondrously in the glassl

The taste goes by real, real fast.

Take some more, try it one more time, You!ll love it - it tastes real fine. Enjoy the drink - put the T.V. on,

Finish it up, or the bubbles will be gone.

, ',I


Water Inside a Boiling Pot Dana Macaluso

Inside water

Are tiny molecules

Much smaller than a quarter. They move very slowly

Lined up in a row

Their life is a bore.

Then, somebody lights a fire Underneath the water

And the water molecules

Come to li£e!

They get excited

And push and dance around

Trying to get away from the bottom of the pot. They call it the "hot ground."

They go faster and faster Around and around

faster and faster

Around and around

Until the temperature gets so hot That they begin to evaporate

And leave the pot.

Then they are set free To do as they please.


Water Jesse Glasgold

A drop of rain

as it falls to the ground,

A tear on your cheek

on your face runs down.

A bead of sweat

when it forms on your brow,

An amazing substance

Oh boy! Oh wow!

It fills the rivers,

the oceans, the pools.

It quenches our thirst, When we're hot,

It cools

What do they have in common? I'm sure you know.

They're all just forms of H20!