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I am from the philosophy of love

I am from the clouds of incense,

And the taste of candles, to the bamboo
Plants reaching up high with the Hindu
I am from the trees waving at me and
the stars of an old time.
I am from banging on pots and pans with my elders singing our boredom,
and devouring our mint mochi balls.
I am from painting pictures of my mind, and fresh hugs all the time.
To the Honeysuckles in my backyard and flying on the trampoline
To the neverfinished painting in the garage.
I am from a place where the birds sing
and the flowers bloom by my mother!s touch.
I am from "eylord and #oom, to #ok and "awden
to $iekie and Amp. To mums famous curry. Sayings of
%&riday apple pie day' and
%() A*) &*)))))),
I am from sipping hot green tea and eating
Sushi on special occasions. &rom the bright sun
And wind in my hair,
I know where I am from, do you know where you!re from-
I grow from two family trees rooted inside me.
.hoking kisses, and embarrassment from elders.
Handmedowns and $rispy $ream donuts.
I am from the philosophy of love.