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McKinney, TX May 11
, 2014
Effective immediately the McKinney Police Association formally withdraws its endorsement of
Ken Paton for Attorney !eneral"
The officers of the McKinney Police #e$artment cannot s%$$ort Ken Paton for the $osition of
Attorney !eneral after the recent re$rimand and finin& of Ken Paton 'y the Teas (tate
(ec%rities )oard for not re&isterin& as an investment adviser re$resentative, d%rin& sec%rities
transactions on three different occasions" This is a criminal offense which co%ld $ossi'ly 'e
tried 'y the $residin& #istrict Attorney or even $ossi'ly the *ffice of the +( Attorney !eneral"
!iven that the Attorney !eneral is the chief law enforcement officer in the (tate of Teas, the
McKinney Police Association feels it is necessary to $rotect the inte&rity of the A! *ffice and
can no lon&er s%$$ort Ken Paton for Attorney !eneral"
,ose -%iles
McKinney Police Association
.arrel /itchie
PA0 0hairman
McKinney Police Association