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How to Make a
How to Make a Book
Writing is a way to use
your imagination. There
is a lot to write about.
You can write books, po-
ems, or articles. It in-
volves getting started,
story details and the
ending. You need writ-
ing tools to get started.
You don't have to be a
professional writer to
write a story!
Getting Started
First you need to think of
a topic and your charac-
ter's name. Once you n-
ish that, then you can get
paper and write the title
of your book in the mid-
dle of it. Write your name
under the title of the
book. Start drawing a pic-
ture on the cover and try
to do your best!
Not Boring Stories
When you are writing a
story you don't want it
to be boring. Think of a
beginning like: There
once was a... or A long
time ago... Have the
characters talking to
one another. If you don't
want your story to be
boring, try to make the
characters have silly
names or silly fears.
Use you imagination
and be creative!
A story always needs an
ending. You can pick if
you want it to be a happy
ending or a sad ending. If
in the beginning of your
book someone doesn't
like something, maybe
you could say: He\she
liked... or He\she liked be-
ing.... You could also
make someone fall in
love. Use your imagina-
tion and make sure it ts
your story!
Learning how to write a
story is important be-
cause maybe you want to
be an author! It also helps
you in school. When your
getting started all you
need is a pencil, paper,
and your brain. Writing
funny and cool stories are
a great way to impress
your friends. The ending
is a big part of a book. If
you had no ending the
book would never end!
About the Author
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to have good ideas.
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to think of something or make pretend it's real.
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a person who knows a lot or can do something very well.
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a person who writes books.
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