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OPC Quality Field

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OPC Quality Field
The Sub status and OPC quality fields have been combined. The Limit bit field can be or-ed
with a quality/sub status field to give the complete Quality flag.

Enumerated Status Hex Value Decimal Value
OPC No Quality/No Value 0xFF 255
OPC Quality Bad/Non Specific 0x00 0
OPC Quality Bad/Configuration Error 0x04 4
OPC Quality Bad/Not Connected 0x08 8
OPC Quality Bad/Device Failure 0x0C 12
OPC Quality Bad/Sensor Failure 0x10 16
OPC Quality Bad/Last Known Value 0x14 20
OPC Quality Bad/Comm Failure 0x18 24
OPC Quality Bad/Out of Service 0x1C 28
OPC Quality Uncertain/Non Specific 0x40 64
OPC Quality Uncertain/Last Usable Value 0x44 68
OPC Quality Uncertain/Sensor Not Accurate 0x50 80
OPC Quality Uncertain/EU Units Exceeded 0x54 84
OPC Quality Uncertain/Sub Normal 0x58 88
OPC Quality Good/Non Specific 0xC0 192
OPC Quality Good/Local Override 0xD8 216
OPC Quality Limit Field/Not 0x00 0
OPC Quality Limit Field/Low 0x01 1
OPC Quality Limit Field/High 0x02 2
OPC Quality Limit Field/Constant 0x03 3
Table 1: OPC Quality Field Values
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Kepware Product Support for Sub-Status fields
Currently the server will send a quality of 0x00 (bad) or 0xC0 (Good) with the exception of
the Triconex driver which will send a value of 0x40 (Uncertain).
As a client it recognizes all the quality field values.
As a connection broker it recognizes all the quality field values and passes them to the client
application if needed.
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