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ELPS Activity

The activity I have in mind would require students to work in groups. I would title my
activity Picture to Word and the students would get into their level reading groups. I
would have the students work as a team putting random pictures in order. They would
have to see which picture connected with the other. Then I would add the words to go
along with it. I would ask them to describe and explain the details with their group. The
TEKS I would focus on are: share information in cooperative learning interactions;
narrate, describe, and explain with increasing specificity and detail as more English is
acquired; adapt spoken language appropriately for formal and informal purposes.

For my middle level students and beginners I would give then captions on the bottom
of their pictures. I also would give them complete statements instead of full sentences. For
example, if I wanted students to put in order the story of The Three Little Pigs, then I would
make sure to have captions that will help them. This activity would help with students
interaction, understanding of the spoken language and guide them to being able to
describe the picture.
Then for the advance students after they have put the story in order picture with word
order, I would then ask them to think of synonyms for the word used in the story. For
example, students would chose a sentence from the middle and pick a word, as a group
they will try to find a new word in English that means the same. In this case, this will help
the students understand formal and informal language while having cooperative
interactions within their team.
This project also helps to support reading, writing and gets the students problem
solving. The students would be practicing problem-solving skills by learning to look at the
picture for clues. Also using this as posttest after teaching a concept would help reinforce
things the students may have struggled with. This also would be a fun way to review at the
end of a unit test.
According to Krashen language theories, this activity would also help with the students,
self-esteem, and creates a low-anxiety environment for them (p. 65). The picture to word
connection will help the ELLs relate what they learn to words that mean the same in their
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