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(National Education Association)
NEA pro!ides pro"essional de!elopment literature and research "or general
education teachers. #he organi$ation wor%s to insure that no child is le"t &ehind in the
classroom. '(e ha!e to gi!e teachers strong) consistent support in the &est strategies and
methods to reach) inspire) and teach English language learner students.' NEA
*resident +ennis ,an -oe%el. #his organi$ation helps to insure that constant growth with
E..s in the classroom through supporting the teacher.
#he site noted that in order "or teachers to promote English language ac/uisition)
the0 ha!e to &e trained on how to &uild social and emotional s%ills in their students. #he
we&site has a lin% with the pro"essional de!elopment literature. #he site also notes that
E..s are the "astest growing group o" students in American pu&lic schools. 1ince another
ma2or part o" their mission is to ma%e sure there are programs and pro"essional
de!elopment "or all educators o" English .anguage .earners) most o" the literature is
"ree. 3 "ound the latest attached article to &e in"ormati!e. 3 thin% a lot o" the "acts stated in
the article we should %nowing going into our "irst 0ear. 4ere is the lin%.*5326E..77.pd"
3 thin% this would &e a great resource "or a "irst 0ear teacher. #he we&site o""ers
short articles that won8t ta%e a lot o" time to read. #he we&site "eatures strategies "or
di""erent le!el leaners) and di!ersit0 tools "or the teacher. As a teacher) 3 could use this to
help me &e"ore 38m a&le to go to an interacti!e pro"essional de!elopment and 3 can store
this article "or later.
#he organi$ation supports the idea that e!er0 student can &e success"ul with the
right support. 3 do see m0sel" using this and similar resources during m0 "irst 0ear to
teach ells.