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Christalyn Pardue

Selecting ESL Strategies


The goal in my classroom would be to insure that every student is successful. In
order for me to make sure that every student shows growth, I will need to use strategies if
a student is struggling. I understand that every student is different and that I need to be
aware of the different ways they learn. If I had Luisa in my classroom, first I would have
a one on one conference with her. My next step after the conversation would be to figure
out ways I could help her get on level.
If I were teaching the parts of an essay I would use, language focused lessons,
syntax, learning strategy instruction, and modeled talk. I would make sure that I use each
tool based on the background information I know about my student. As of now I can tell
that Luisa has the ability to maintain BICS, but still needs to meet CALPS standards.
The first strategy I would start off with would be language focus lessons. I would
use this method to help emphasis vocabulary she may be struggling with. Since this skill
is based on the teachers observation and knowledge of language forms, its important
that I watch the students growth. For examples I can model this method by going over
the parts of an essay in order to see if the student has got the concept.
The second strategy I would use with Luisa would be syntax. When teaching
transitions, Luisa will be able to see the connection of each phrase within the paragraph.
She will also get to see the noun and pronoun relationships in a sentence. If I didnt use
this method new words may confuse her. I can also model using this strategy doing whole
group, while writing my essay draft with them.
The third strategy I would use would be the learning strategy instruction. This
model will help Luisa with decoding and word recognition. Its important that as a
teacher, that my students learn how to learn. This will benefit the students during
classroom routines and independent work. During my lesson on the parts of an essay they
will be able to think through each part to insure they are not missing anything. The focus
of SIM is to promote effective teaching and learning of critical content of the student.
This strategy can carry over into the workplace after high school.
The last method I would use would be modeled talk. As the teacher I would to use
an anchor chart to show the essay writing process. This method involves the teacher to
use gestures, visuals, and model through verbal cues to students. I think if she is able to
hear, see and talk about the parts of an essay she will understand what needs to be done.
A lot of times students wont raise their hand for fear of not knowing, but this way we
work through the content as a class. This strategy will allow Luisa to have guided steps
on how to write the essay along with visuals.
With the use of language focus lessons, syntax, learning strategy instruction, and
modeled talk, Luisa can be successful in the classroom. I would make sure that I use each
tool individually, so they can build on one another. Using all these methods Luisa has
developed knowledge of the parts of an essay and language proficiency through


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